Wedding Photography: Paying Attention to the Little Details

by guest contributor Gage Blake Photography 

When most people think about having wedding pictures they most likely think traditional wedding pictures they have seen before. “Family pictures and standard poses”. Those are all nice and usually a must have. I like to also take natural pictures, pictures that show pure emotion and really capture the little details. 

Aside from the “normal wedding pictures” I think some really important must have pictures include all the little details. Anything and everything about the details is so important for me. I love capturing close up of hands and close up of any of the little details for the wedding day. Sometimes the little details are some of my favorite pictures I took at the wedding. 

I love getting up close and personal images that can really help tell the whole story. Even though little details can be easily missed or overlooked they sometimes speak the loudest and can mean the most.

I love capturing close ups of the bride’s hands when she is getting her jewelry on.

Tips for wedding photography jewelry closeups

bridal jewelry - wedding photos

I love capturing the Bride’s hands while her dress is being put on.

Important wedding shots - bride putting on dress

Getting a close up of the bridesmaid hands or the mothers hands while doing the finishing touches to the dress is a must have.

photgraphing weddings - bridesmaid helping with dress

Different angles and close ups while the bride is getting ready really helps tell the story.

wedding photography - different angles

photographing bride getting ready at wedding

The dress is so important and is a big must have! I love to get different angles of the dress and close ups of the details on the dress. It shows a different perspective. I think most people think of the dress pictures as being the whole dress but brides put so much time in choosing the perfect dress for their special day and I think it is so important to really get close ups to get those amazing details on what made this dress so special.

Wedding photography - closeups on wedding dress detail

bridal dress detail - important wedding photos

When the bride is getting ready I like to pay attention to everything that is happening and when the bride shows emotion whether it be crying happy tears or laughing with her bridal party I want to capture that moment.

Capturing emotion at weddings in photos

how to photograph emotion at weddings

The First Dance is so special I really love they way they hold each other’s hands. Sometimes you just don’t think about these little things but they can speak very loud.  I so so so love capturing this moment and as a wedding photographer you should too!!

photographing first dance at weddings

When the Bride and Groom are cutting the cake I also love getting a close up of their hands here too.

photographing cutting of the wedding cake

Another special moment is the way a daughter is holding her fathers hands for their father daughter dance. It is just one of those things you would want to remember forever.

father daughter wedding dance - wedding photography

Some other really great to have detail shots are of the little details the bride’s and Groom’s put into their wedding day. They spend so much time planning and putting everything to together it is important to get as many details as possible. From little charms tied on the bouquet to Flowers on the tables.

photographing wedding favors

wedding flower closeups - important shots to capture

Finally one of my all time favorite details to take pictures of at the wedding is the rings!!! I like to incorporate rings with some of the other wedding details.

wedding ring closeup - important wedding photographs to capture

Diamond wedding ring close up detail


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