25+ Kissing Photos

25+ Incredible Kissing Photos

While scrolling through our community last week we found so many pictures with the sweetest kisses! From babies, siblings to engagement pictures so we thought we'd run a kissing photo challenge.  Below you'll find lots of sweet kissing images and great kissing image ideas for your next photo session!

Enjoy these beautiful images and stay tuned for our next photo challenge.  We'll announce it here in our Pretty Presets Community

We have listed our two winners and twenty-five honorable mentions below. Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another fun challenge.  We can't wait to share it with you!

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Thank you for sharing your talent with us and making this photo challenge so much fun! 

The Winning Images from the Sweet Kiss Photo Challenge

bereavement photo of couple kissing and holding hands

"Emotion. As photographers, that is always the goal. We want to capture moments for families that they will hold on to for a lifetime. I had my first session as a professional today. I knew that it would be hard and quite frankly I was terrified. This was a donated end of life session for a family that is about to lose their father, son, husband, uncle, brother, friend to end-stage liver disease after a failed transplant. This was near the end... when I wanted to capture some time just between husband and wife. I know they will cherish these moments and photos forever..even if it is completely heartbreaking. Lots of tears, laughs, and love shared today and I was reminded why I love this job and passion so very much. Clean edit workflow with classic clean." -Calee

Photographer: Calee Wolfkiel

Edit: Edited with Classic Clean from Clean Edit Lightroom Portrait Presets.

Anniversary kiss photo of husband kissing his wife's cheek

"This year, my Mom & Dad celebrate their 50th Anniversary! So crazy! I am working to put together a celebration and wanted to take their portraits to use on the invitations." - Sue

Photographer: Sue McCarley

Edit: All-in-One Clean Edit, White Balance Auto & Hand Edits from the retired Pretty Presets Workflow Collection. 

Kiss Photos We Fell in Love With AND You Can be Inspired By!

Here are some great kissing photo examples we think are absolutely amazing and you can use as inspiration for your next photo session. All of these incredible photos were edited in Lightroom using Pretty Presets for Lightroom and/or Pretty Actions for Photoshop.

Image of young girl kissing her dachshund

Captured by the talented Ivy Reyes

Photo of a wedding couple kissing through reflection in a Ford hubcap

Captured by the talented Kelly Lombardi

Married couple kissing photo

Captured by the talented Erica Riegle

Photo of couple kissing within heart sparkler shape

Captured by the talented Lindsey Keller

Photo of couple kissing in the middle of a field holding a lamb

Captured by the talented Kim McCullough 

Photo of Father kissing Mother's forehead while she holds newborn baby

Captured by the talented Wendy Boyce

Kiss Photo of sister and brother kissing baby sibling on cheeks

Captured by the talented Rebecca Cook

Couple kissing while kids put their hands over their eyes

Captured by the talented Chassidy Gibson

Photo of husband kissing his brides shoulder

Captured by the talented Mary McGown

Wedding kiss photo shot from above

Captured by the talented Devin Browning

Kiss photo taken on a bridge

Captured by the talented Kristin Vu

Photo of parents kissing their newborn

Captured by the talented Jenny Schmitz

Family portrait kiss photo with daughter on Dad's shoulder kissing her Mom

Captured by the talented Debbie McKillip

Image of couple kissing with their dog sitting in front

 Captured by the talented Nicki Gaylord 

Kissing goats photo

Captured by the talented Kelly-Anne Gladwin  

Wedding kiss photo taken at golden hour

Captured by the talented Becca Pratt   

Photo of couple kissing their dog

Captured by the talented Jessica Grey 

Romantic kiss photo of young man holding woman in his arms

Captured by the talented Karen Rice

Dad and daughter kiss photo

Captured by the talented Misti Dixon 

Romantic kiss photo on top of snowy mountain top

Captured by the talented Lea Ross

Dog kiss photo

Captured by the talented Nim Godsmen

Family portrait kissing photo

Captured by the talented Megan Bochette

Tender kiss photo of husband and wife in hallway

Captured by the talented Karissa Collins

Photo of goldfish kissing a young girls cheek through a glass jar

Captured by the talented Jill Diane

Young love kiss photo

Captured by the talented Eva Vandermause

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