Mom's in the Photo—Photographing the Fun

Have you ever gotten lost looking though old photos?

Every time I sit down to clean out my hard drive or my Lightroom Catalog, I get sucked walking right down memory lane. I love the photos of the kids when they were little and all the moments forgotten. It's so easy to remember moments instantly when I pass the picture. If you are anything like me you probably have about a million photos of your kids, spouse, and family, but where are the photos of you? 

Mom's in the Photo: Capturing the Fun

What's Keeping You Out of the Photo?

Let me guess. You felt too heavy that day to get in the photo, or your hair was dirty, or you had on old sweat pants, or your grey was showing, or you had no makeup on, or you had circles under your eyes, or you were holding the camera!!  I hear you, I have said the same things to myself, repeatedly. 

About two years ago I decided I better make a change, I pulled out a tripod and got in front of it. My goal was never to take a photos of the kids and I to “post” or “show off” my intentions were to simply exist in a photo with my kids. This realization that no one in the world ever had to see this photo but me was what finally made me try it. Was it easy at first, not really, but it got very easy after just a few tries. Now I leave the tripod out and I have a remote, at least once and month I hand the kids the remote and jump in with them! 

Mom's in the Picture—Capturing the Fun

Mom's in the Picture—Capturing Fun with the Kids

Jump in on the Fun!

I find it best for us that I jump in when the kids are playing and having fun. I have a horrible serious face, so laughing is much more my style. If you are new to getting in the shot, start with something fun like jumping on the bed. It really is fun and you will for get that the camera is even there. If your kids are old enough give them the remote for an added level of fun. I am telling you, when you tell your kids that you are going to come jump on the bed, you will score some major mom points.

Mom's in the Picture—Having Fun in Your Photos

No Eye Contact. 

No need to look at the camera so who cares if your not wearing makeup. There is no amount of grey hair that a nice black and white edit can’t fix. Have fun—like for real—horse laugh, jump, dance, and sing. Remember, no one in the world has to know these goofy photos exist. But if you ever do choose to share them, be prepared for all the mothers in all the land to love and relate to them. 

Mom's in the Picture—Have Fun in the Picture

Don't Stress the Focus!

Out of focus? Who cares! Never once will your 5 year old say, “Ugh! Mom, why are you blurry in that picture sliding down my slip and slide?” They will say “Look, Mom! Remember when you fell down our slip and slide and ate grass at the end. That was so fun!”

You know how when you look back at photos from high school, and what do we all say? “I can’t believe I thought I was fat.”  Just think when you are 99 and your great-grandkids are looking through your photos with you, what will you say then? I hope you will say, “remember when granny used to turn up the music and broom dance like a crazy lady? And the one time I nearly broke a hip on your slip and slide?” “Where is that old brush, I remember it made a fine microphone.”

Mom's Get in the Picture—Capturing Fun Times

No Excuses!

Get in the photo. Do it now, today, this very moment. With your pony tail, your cellulite, your coffee breath. Show your kids (and your future granny self) that you were there and (gasp) what you looked like. I have never looked back on a photo of my grandmother and though, man I wish she would have put on some clean clothes and brushed her hair. I love every scrap of memory from photos of the women in my family and I wish there were more. Life has too many regrets. Don’t let this be one of them. Get up and get in the photo! The only photo you will ever regret is the one you didn’t take.

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Tammy Porter of Porter's Wife Photography