Mom's in the Picture: Tools to Make Getting in the Photo Easy!

Getting in the photo can seem like a daunting task for mom's.  For many of us, there are already a few physical insecurities that are weighing on our minds when we consider getting in the photo. This post is to help make the technical part easy.

Get in the Photo with your family

Know How to Turn On Your Timer

You might need your camera manual or a quick google search to find how to do this but the good news is that it is easy on most camera's. Since you are going to be in front of the camera and not behind, you need a way to take the photo and the easiest way is going to be using your camera's timer.  I've used it for many photos that I am in—including my family's winter family portrait!  

To reduce the amount of running back and forth, many self-timers will allow you to decide how long of a delay you need between when you press the shutter and when the shot is taken as well as how many shots the camera takes each time it fires off!  All those things are helpful when trying to get in front of the camera!

Mom's in the Picture: Tools you need to make getting in the photo easy!

Remote for Your Camera

This is also a super helpful.  You can get in the photo without it but it will be easier if you have one.  I have had one since my first DSLR and the great news is that they aren't very expensive.  You can get one on Amazon for between $9 and $20 for either Nikon or Canon.  Just make sure that it works with your camera before you buy.  Many camera's have the ability to set a delay between the time you press the button on the remote and the time the camera snaps the photo.  This will help you to hide the remote before the shutter goes off!

Some camera's even offer you the option of having an app on your phone that works as a shutter release.  If you have a Canon, check this app out!

Mom's in the Photo: Tools to make getting in the photo easy

Tripod—or Something to Hold Your Camera

I shot for almost 10 years with my DSLR before I owned a tripod, so you have to know that this isn't a MUST-HAVE.  It WILL make it easier to frame the shot exactly how you want it because it is must easier to adjust to get just the right height or angle.

If you don't have a tripod, there are LOTS of objects you can use to set up your shot. Chairs, counters, tables, coffee tables, stools, and books make great objects to set your camera on so you can get in the shot.  If you don't have a tripod, just get super creative with some of these tools so you can get in front of the camera.

One trick I use often—hand the camera off to your kids.  I have older kids so this works really well for me. I get all my settings set how I need them. I have taught all my kids how to focus the camera and where to put the square to focus (some of them I have taught a lot more).  If I want to jump in the shot, I will often use this simple trick that makes getting in the shot super easy and they really like being on the other side of the camera for a change!

Mom's in the Picture: Tools to Make Getting in the Photo Easy

Wide-Angle Lens

Trying to get more than one person in the shot indoors will require a lens on the wide-angle side.  I have used my 50mm indoors for lots of years and love it.  It can be limiting when multiple people are involved.  It's what I have and I use it!!

Lots of the PRETTY team love shooting with a 35mm when trying to get in the shot. This gives you a wider angle of view than the 50mm and will allow you to take in a little more of the scene when photographing. Definitely use what you have now.  If you want to get in the photo on more indoor shots in the future, consider renting or purchasing a wide-angle lens.

Most Importantly—JUST DO IT!

If the shot isn't technically perfect or a head is slightly chopped off, the world won't end but you may end up with an image you treasure.  AND one image you treasure with slight imperfections is much better than NO images at all!

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