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5 Tips to Saving Time in Lightroom + Adding Snow in Lightroom

---> Download the notes for the webinar here (Enjoy!) Thank you for joining our webinar. We're so glad you came! In this video you'll enjoy learning more about how you can save time in lightroom.  Plus, learn about the newest feature of adding snow in Lightroom 5 and the Creative Cloud.  We have another webinar coming up on Sunday.  You can click on the image below to reserve your spot.  Also, enjoy the newest release for only $19.   Winter Wonderland Collection - on SALE for $19 for a LIMITED TIME. Don't miss out on the Winter Wonderland Collection. This one-of-a-kind collection includes.. - Continue Reading

Winter Wonderland Collection - Adding Snow to Your Images in Lightroom

Add, Delete, Move Snow in Your Images This one-of-a-kind collection includes 32 Pretty Presets + 5 Brushes and can be used on any of your images taken in natural light. You can use this collection in Lightroom Lightroom 5 and the Creative Cloud. This collection can be used on both RAW and JPEG images. Learn how easy it is to add snow to your images, delete the snow you may not want or move it within your image.  It takes seconds!  Watch this quick tutorial to learn more.  Enjoy!  View the Winter Wonderland Collection. We wanted to provide you with.. - Continue Reading

Tips to Organizing and Sorting Photos in Lightroom

In the digital age where images rule, keeping our images organized is no small feat.  No matter what “category” of photographer you fit, it’s likely you have lots of photos that you are trying to keep organized in Lightroom. The good news is that Lightroom has some super features that make organizing and sorting our photos easy! Stars and Flags   Lets start with Stars and Flags.  These are found on Lightroom’s Filter bar. (I circled it above.) Here is where you can rate your photos. One way to choose a photo as a favorite/keeper is to flag it.  You.. - Continue Reading

Match Total Exposure aka. The Trick that Could Have Saved Me Hours!

I had a little incident with my camera recently.  I accidentally turned on the bracketing setting.  (I’m under a year with my new camera and still hit the wrong buttons all the time. Hopefully I am not the only one that does this!) That wouldn’t have been so terrible all by itself, but it happened right before a session and I didn’t know I had done it until I was in the middle of photographing.  During the session, I knew something was wrong but we were pressed for time/light and I didn’t have time to figure out the problem. So.. - Continue Reading

6 Photography-Related Projects to Keep You Busy During Slow Months

Winter is usually a slow time for photography in the northern hemisphere whether you are a photographer or just enjoying photography as hobby! So here are 6 projects you can immerse yourself in to keep you busy through the slower winter months!  Family Photobooks: I love creating these for my family every year and they love them just as much as I do.  Winter is the time I put them together. It’s the perfect time to go through our favorite photos and memories from the previous year and organize them into a book. My favorite method of creating these books.. - Continue Reading

Using Color Luxe Presets and Brushes

The Color Luxe Collection was the first preset-brush combination collection released at Pretty Presets. The set includes a variety of layering presets plus brushes that were made especially to work in tandem with the presets. This is a quick tutorial to show what is included in the collection and how to use them. A video tutorial at the bottom walks you through two sample edits. The following list shows the various "global" presets, which apply to the image as a whole. The first six are all-in-one presets which give the image a creative look. The next six are different "bases" which give.. - Continue Reading

What Are You Scared Of? Tackle The Exposure Triangle

I have a secret. Well, after this article it won’t be a secret anymore. But I know I will feel better after sharing this with you all. I know there are going to be some of you that can relate. And then there are going to be some of you that will scratch your head and wonder how I could have been so uneducated. I had a great Canon Rebel for a few years that took photos of my kids that I would frame proudly. With this Canon Rebel, I had been asked to shoot a friend’s wedding and several.. - Continue Reading

Opening Lightroom Presets After Installation

So, you purchased your first Lightroom preset collection. You faithfully follow all the instructions and get the preset collection to show in the Presets panel. However, no matter what you do, you can't get the individual presets in the collection to show. What is going on? What went wrong? Nothing! You did great and there is only one last step for you to follow: Click the black triangle that is beside the set name. Many people try to double click on the collection name, and become alarmed when nothing happens. I understand that frustration because on both Macs and PCs we've.. - Continue Reading

Taking the Mystery Out of the Graduated Filters

Graduated Filters Graduated filters are similar to brushes in that they are local adjustments. However, they differ in that brushes are consistent over the area used, whereas graduated filters are strongest at the edge where you start them and then gradually taper off, giving the image a very real but subtle change. The tool is a cross hair that you put at the point you want the effect to start and then pull across. Adjust local areas of an image by choosing the change you’d like to make, then click on the edge of the area (like the edge of.. - Continue Reading

Take Advantage of the Lightroom Book Module

Lightroom has a super-user-friendly book feature that not only allows you to create photo books quickly in Lightroom, but you can also export them to the web to either print through Blurb, or download the PDF from Blurb to print on your own.  Below are a few tips and tricks for creating a great photo book in Lightroom. You will see the Book module tab here: Okay, before we get too involved in this tutorial, I want to stress that photo books are not only a matter of personal preference, but the style of your photo.. - Continue Reading

How to Use Library Filters to Sort and Manage Your Images in Lightroom

Lightroom is an amazing program, designed to help you manage thousands and thousands of images, as well as quickly edit and process them for web and print. If you are like me, your catalog has 10,000+ images in it. How can we quickly find the picture(s) we want, when we want them? Fortunately Adobe built in multiple ways for us to organize, sort, and search our images. Keywords - if you aren't tagging your images with keywords, start TOMORROW! Collections - a much smarter and more efficient way to organize your images than by folders. Filters - sort, search, and.. - Continue Reading

Syncing Edits on Multiple Images in Lightroom

Syncing Settings and Presets Once you have edited an image and made it the best it can be, you may want to apply those same changes to other images from the same shoot or batch. The easiest way to do this is by using the "sync" option that is at the bottom of the Develop panel. When you "sync" you are copying one, two, three, all settings from the "anchor" image onto the other images you have selected. If you edit via presets, which is how I edit 80% of the time, you can sync those changes also. Steps for.. - Continue Reading