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Tips for Editing a RAW Image

If you are new to shooting RAW files, one of the first things you’ll notice is that, when you import your RAW files from your camera into Lightroom, after the image preview has been on the screen for a second, it will suddenly change, and look different from what you originally saw in your camera’s preview! Without getting into too much technical jargon, the reason behind this is that a RAW file is not really a file that you can import and view as it is – think of it as sort of an abstract idea, not something tangible. The.. - Continue Reading

A Simple Edit with Brushes and Presets

Sometimes your photo doesn’t need a lot of editing to look it’s best—just a few little tweaks instead. Here is a photo that just needed a few minutes in Lightroom to have it looking sweet. Watch the video below or follow along with the tutorial below. Step 1 I almost always start by adjusting my white balance and exposure.  In this shot, both those things looked really good, so I chose not to do anything. I did decrease the blacks a bit to give a bit more contrast. Step 2 Using the “Eye Color Blue” brush from the Perfect Portrait.. - Continue Reading

2 Steps to a Matte Black and White Edit in Lightroom

Pretty Presets has a million fabulous black and white presets.  Okay, maybe not quite a million! But with the new Black and White Workflow Collection there are A LOT black and white combinations to be had.   But for several years, I have had a favorite Pretty Preset for changing images to Black and White.  Today, I want to show you how I pair that preset with a matte preset to make a beautiful matte black and white photo. Watch the video below or follow the steps after the video to see how I use my favorite black and white.. - Continue Reading

How to Whiten Eyes & Teeth in Lightroom

Welcome to part two of our ten post series, showing how to use Pretty Presets brushes and presets to edit portraits. Last week skin smoothing was the topic, but today we are focusing on whitening teeth and eyes. Before we get started, I want to encourage you to fix the white balance, the overall color temperature and tint of the image. Once that is done, click on the brush icon, which is the farthest-right icon below the histogram in the top-right side of your Develop screen. Once the brush tool is activated, click on the word to the right of.. - Continue Reading

How to Smooth Skin In Lightroom

Welcome to the first in a series of ten tutorials designed to help Pretty Preset customers use their products effectively and efficiently. Today, we are talking about smoothing skin with the Skin Smooth brush from the Perfect Portrait brush collection. If you are new to brushes, once the brushes are installed, to access them, click on the brush icon below the histogram, then click where the second arrow is pointing to in the image below. It may say "Exposure," or "Contrast," etc. Click there and the brush menu list will drop down. Move your mouse down the list to see all.. - Continue Reading

Snapshots vs. Virtual Copies: When and Why to Use Each One

These two things get mixed up in Lightroom all the time.  Today I want to tackle what each of them are why you should use each one. You can watch the video or follow along with the text below! Snapshots A Lightroom Snapshot is a way to save a moment in time during editing.  For instance, I might have completed a nice, clean edit of a photo—one that I think I will show to a client—and then save it as a Snapshot. Creating a Snapshot allows you to play around and be creative and still be able to easily go.. - Continue Reading

5 Tips for Perfecting your Portrait Workflow

It brings me great pleasure to announce that we are offering another FREE Lightroom webinar. Come learn all about perfecting your workflow in Lightroom with Amanda Padgett, our Lightroom Instructor, here at Pretty Presets. We'll be sharing tips to help you work more efficiently in Lightroom.  1. Have fun and take notes!  It's a wonderful class and we hope you learn some exciting tips that will save you time while editing in Lightroom.   2. If you DO NOT have Lightroom yet please know you can still join us! Go here and download the free trial version of Lightroom they offer. Then.. - Continue Reading

10 Ways To Maximize Your Lightroom Experience

Come learn more about Lightroom with Amanda Padgett, our Lightroom Instructor, here at Pretty Presets. We'll be sharing tips to help you maximize your experience in Lightroom. We are here to help you work smarter, not harder. Please come hang out with us on Sunday night!   1. Keywords 2. Collections  3. Metadata filters 4. Target adjustment tool 5. Adjustment brushes 6. Presets 7. Snapshots 8. Syncing  9. Exporting with presets 10. Smart Collections Want to learn more? We now offer a Lightroom 101 e-Guide available in our store and it's currently only $14!  Enjoy 32-pages all about using Lightroom.. - Continue Reading

A Creative Edit: From Drab to Fab

I took this photo last year on a very overcast day.  The lighting was very flat and a little “less than exciting.”  Sometimes those “less than exciting” photos are the perfect candidate for a creative Lightroom edit.  Today, I wanted to share a creative edit on this photo to give it a little extra flair. You can watch the video or follow along with the screenshots below.  Step 1 I first applied the Bejeweled V2 Preset from Pretty Presets Fine Art Film Collection.  I love this preset.  Tip: The Fine Art Film Collection also has lots of nice black and.. - Continue Reading

Importing, Exporting and Using Watermarks in Lightroom

We're excited to share more about importing, exporting and using watermarks in Lightroom.  Enjoy this recorded webinar.  The presets and watermarks that were shown in the webinar can be found here. We'll also include the package you receive below. Enjoy! These 16 Watermarks and Import and Export Presets will save you so much time!  Correct a large order of wedding pictures all at once when you import or export exactly what you need to facebook. Also included are some wonderful watermarks! Included in this package is: Import Presets Fix Overexposure Fix Underexposure Noise Reduction Portrait Sharpening White Balance Cool Down.. - Continue Reading

How to Edit Pictures in Lightroom

We had an amazing webinar and are excited to offer it to you through this recording.  Enjoy learning more about editing in Lightroom with presets and brushes. I'll include links to some of the products Amanda was referring to as well.  Let us know how we can help you. You can check out more of Lightroom Tutorials here. Thank you for being here and enjoy this webinar.  We're here to help you work smarter, not harder. :)   Special thanks to Amanda, our Lightroom Instructor, for another amazing webinar!  Thank you for joining us. Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow Workflow Collection.. - Continue Reading

How to Layer Lightroom Presets

Not ALL presets can be layered.  But, Pretty Presets has many that can.  Today I want to show you how the Workflow sets can be layered together to create a beautifully custom look to your photos. The Pretty Presets Workflow Sets include the following collections: Workflow Set Collection Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow Black and White Workflow Collection  Watch the video below or follow the instructions and screenshots below the video. The Workflow sets from Pretty Presets are designed to work by layering.  This means that each preset has been created to only affect 1 or 2 small changes.  That.. - Continue Reading