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Welcome to Pretty Presets. Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine, Rangefinder, StoreYa Facebook Page of the Week, creativeLIVE and most recently voted the #1 Family Photography Bloggers of 2013 from Skinny Scoop. We currently serve over 200,000 photographers and hobbyists. Find all the presets we offer to save you time while editing in Lightroom here

My introduction to Lightroom began when I started my own photography business. My photography sessions started piling up, along with hundreds of images to edit. Somewhere between being overwhelmed and exhausted from the time spent editing; I wanted to find a way to save time.  I began creating presets (preset alterations to lighting and coloring) to speed up my workflow and to be more efficient.  This is where Pretty Presets began! With the hope that others could save time while balancing their home and work life, too. 

I know time is valuable. That's why I'm here to help.  Being a wife and a mother of two young children means my time is valuable, too. When my husband was home, I didn't want to spend our family time together sitting at the computer editing pictures. When my kids were awake, I wanted to spend quality time with them and leave the editing for naps and bedtime. I have managed to use these presets to cut my workflow dramatically. This gave me the opportunity to have plenty of time with my family and still run a successful business from home.

It’s exciting to know that our photography preset customers are able to cut their editing time in half. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to work from home, in a field that I absolutely love, and still have time to be with my loving family. This is my wish this for every photographer I meet.  I want to see them enjoy the balance between working from home while being available to those they love.  Thank you for taking the time to let me introduce myself and share how Pretty Presets started. I look forward to working with you!

Laura Thomas

You can also find me over at Pretty Forum and Pretty Actions, too!