Does Pinterest Help or Hinder Photographers?

I love Pinterest. It has replaced nighttime reading. I know, so sad. When I’m ready for bed, I fluff up all 6 pillows (one should be propped up properly for pinning fun), get under the covers and grab the Ipad. I go to one app and one app only. Pinterest. It is the only app I indulge in at night. I use the word indulge because by this time, all 4 teens are in bed, my husband is downstairs doing his own thing, the dogs are asleep on the floor next to me and I am completely alone with my.. - Continue Reading

50 Free Lightroom Webinars and Tutorials

I know you can be overwhelmed with everything that you can learn about Lightroom! Here is the magic list that will help you access all of our webinars and favorite lightroom video tutorials. Enjoy 50 free lightroom tutorials and webinars here.  You can click here to PIN this for later. Don't miss out on our 100+ Free Lightroom Tutorials and 70+ Free Photography Tutorials, too. If you don't have time to read them now then you can pin 70+ Free Photography Tutorials and pin 100+ Free Lightroom Tutorials here.    5 Tips for Getting Started With Lightroom 5 Editing in Lightroom 5 Clean and Creative Editing in Lightroom 5 How to use Lightroom.. - Continue Reading

10 Hot Deals for Photographers

10 Hot Deals for Photographers! #1 - Neewer 110CM 43-Inch 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector - $16.95 (Reg. $40.95) This 5-in-1 multi-photo reflector disc has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. It comes with silver (for contrast and to increase highlights), gold (to get warm, glowing skin tones), black (to block out unwanted light), white (to produce neutral color temperature) and translucent (for softer looks without shadow). This can be used indoor or outdoor, and collapses easily into a portable carrying bag.   #2 - Polaroid 8" Heavy Duty Mini Tripod for Digital Cameras & Camcorders - $9.99 (Reg... - Continue Reading

The One Gift You Can Never Go Wrong With

When I was a child I don’t remember asking for a whole lot.  Even for Christmas.  There was this one year I wanted a record player, that’s the only gift I can remember ever wanting. Looking back on my childhood, I had the type of childhood where I was grateful for a bed.  I was grateful for food.  I was grateful for the blue dress I got when I was 8 that had flowers and a lace collar.  I was mostly grateful for school.  And my grandma.  That is all I remember being grateful for.   I would love to.. - Continue Reading

40+ Freebies for Photographers

I know you love freebies just as much as I do!  So, I thought it would be fun to put them all in one place for you. Included in this list are freebies that can be used in lightroom, photoshop and others that can be printed out as well.  In the post it will share what program it is for and give you ideas on how to use it!  You can also click here to pin this if you don't have time to check everything out now.  Have a wonderful day. Thank you for being here. :) Don't miss out.. - Continue Reading

Editing Newborns in Lightroom

Newborns photos are some of the sweetest images you will ever capture. They are beautiful and precious and all things wonderful. However, newborn pictures can sometimes show the babies to be red, splotchy, jaundiced, with red or purple hands and feet, and so on. Images of newborns almost always need some help in post processing. This post will show you how to use presets and brushes to remedy the most common problems in newborn images. If you are simply going for a "clean edit" then start with the global presets first (presets on the left side of the Develop module,.. - Continue Reading

To Lightroom Photoshop and Back + Free Notes

To Lightroom Photoshop and Back Webinar Learn how to make global and local adjustments to images in Lightroom, then take them to Photoshop for further editing, then return the images back to Lightroom for exporting.  During the webinar we will cover: Global versus local adjustments Syncing multiple images in Lightroom Opening those images in Photoshop (without exporting) Editing in Photoshop with actions, textures, and adjustment layers Taking back to Lightroom for batch exporting  Click here to instantly download the notes that will help guide you through the webinar!   - Continue Reading

Using the Spot Removal Tool On Small To Medium Sized Areas

One of my favorite features in Lightroom is the spot removal tool. The word “spot” is a bit misleading, at least for me – when I read the word “spot” I think of dust spots or skin blemishes. The spot removal tool can remove pretty much anything, though, and in a very discreet way! This is one of my favorite photos of two of my good friends from their wedding in Costa Rica a couple of years ago. It wasn’t until I got home and looked at my images, though, that I saw an unwanted visitor, 3 o’clock. This is an.. - Continue Reading

Make Your Backlit Images Pop in Lightroom

Mastering beautifully backlit photos takes some practice with both shooting and editing. Even if your backlit shots are near perfect in camera, you will, most likely, still want to make some minor adjustments in Lightroom to really make your backlit images pop. Here are a few quick tricks to do just that! This is my original image straight out of the camera: It isn’t too bad, but I think it can use a little boost, for sure. First, I’m making adjustments to the Contrast and Exposure. Backlit images tend to be overexposed in areas, so reducing the exposure slightly will.. - Continue Reading

So You Want to be a Photographer?

I remember very clearly when I decided to become a photographer.  I had been working as an aide at my children’s school and due to the state’s budget, cuts were being made.  All aides were being laid off.  I had been working 2 hours a day for the last 2 years and thought that this was my chance to finally be a photographer.  After all, all of my friends wanted me to take pictures of their kids and I already owned a nice camera.  How much work could there be to it?  I felt like the only basic component I.. - Continue Reading

Printing in Lightroom

If you are like me and enjoy printing your images, you are going to love the Print module in Lightroom! The Print module gives you the option to select from a list of print templates, or use your own print specifications. For this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through how to make a standard 8X10 print using the Print module. Select the image you would like to print, and then navigate to the Print module. Select Single Image/Contact Sheet, since we are only printing one photo:Leave the Zoom to Fill box UNCHECKED, as this will prevent Lightroom from clipping the.. - Continue Reading

5 Marketing Resources for Photographers - Including BONUS Downloads

We put together our favorite posts from our site and others into one easy blog post for you.  Plus, we've included some fun downloads of templates, ebooks and lessons!  We hope this will encourage you as you work through marketing your photography business.  1. Let's start here!  This is an awesome video + notes from Elizabeth Halford.  It's called "5 Things To Consider When Starting Your Photography Business".  This is the perfect place to begin before we get into other marketing aspects of the business.  2. Create a marketing plan!  Read more from our blog post "3 Business Mistakes to.. - Continue Reading