Mom's in the Picture: Photo Challenge

Mom's in the Picture Blog Series and Photography Challenge

We know that often times mom's are the ones TAKING the photos and not the ones IN the photos!  Our gift to you this Mother's Day is to help you get in some photos with your kids and family! We want to encourage you to put aside any self consciousness you may feel about how you look and find some ways to get in the photo with your family, kids, and husband.  These photos are gifts you will treasure now and are also gifts you are leaving behind for your children and family to cherish forever!

We know this isn't an easy challenge and we haven't left you to do this alone!  IN FACT, we have put together a tremendous blog series with the help of our PRETTY Team that will encourage you in all aspects of this challenge/gift!  Need help setting up the shot? We've got you covered!  Curious what tools will make this easier? Wonder no longer! Want to capture the connection between you and your kids? We have some tips for you! You can find links to all of these fantastic articles and much more below!

And if you are one of the male minority in our community, we would love you to join in on this challenge, too. Spend some time capturing your wife, mother, and female family members in their motherhood roles!  They are often the unsung heroes in our lives and need a little recognition sometimes!

And of course we want to see the pictures you capture.  We'll be sharing all week long in the Pretty Presets Facebook group and Pretty Presets Instagram page.  We'd love to feature your images, too!

Join us in using the hashtag #momsinthepicture on Facebook and Instagram!


  • Have fun and be sure to use the hashtag #momsinthepicture and #prettypresets.  We can't wait to share your images on the blog and through social media this week.

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