Mom's in the Picture: Keeping It Real!

Mom's in the Picture—Keeping it Real

I am a mom of 3. I am NOT a morning person. I don't know how to apply makeup in a correct adult technique.  I hate wearing real clothes—you know, the kind that you have to iron, or match.  I am a self proclaimed hot mess, just making it through each day. 

One day when my kids are a bit older I will be able to shower and look somewhat presentable on a day to day basis, and in that time I am hoping that they will learn how to apply makeup and just do it for me, haha!  I do know one thing though, I do know that I want my kids to look back on their childhood with loving memories of me. I know that they will not care what I was wearing or how my hair was done. They will care about how I taught them and loved them and cared for them and put them first.  I'm just here keeping it real!

She will know that even when I was trying to eat my breakfast I had time to snuggle.

Mom's in the Picture: Keeping it Real

Mom's in the Photo—Embrace the everyday "realness"

Mom's in the Photo—Keeping it Real

She will thank me later for helping her become independent and learn the tools that she will need as a young adult. And if we mess up she will know it is ok to laugh.

Photos of a mom and daughter cutting strawberries together

Encouraging Mom's to get in the Picture with their kids

Encouraging Mom's to get in the photo with their kids

She will (I pray and pray and pray!) someday want me to brush her hair and help her look and feel pretty as a young adult. For now, I will just do what needs to be done, get through the tears and kiss her at the end.

Mom's in the Picture—Keeping it Real

Mom's in the Photo—Keeping it Real

Mom combing daughters hair with a kiss

When they are grown and possibly parents of their own I want them to look back and know I was there.  I was their mother, their mentor and their best friend. And I know they won't care what I was wearing that day.  And maybe they will still do my makeup for me!

And in case you want to keep it real like me, here are a few tips!

Embrace the "Hot Mess"!

In many cases, the clutter is part of the story.  It tells your viewer that people live in this house.  It sets that stage for the viewer and the little details —your chaos—is the setting that tells other smaller stories you will likely find heartwarming in years to come.  If you have school projects in the background or magnets on the fridge, you don't need to worry about moving them.  Don't love all your decor?  It is still part of the story and doesn't need to be eliminated and should NEVER deter you from taking the photo.

Focus on the Relationship

The focus of these everyday moments you are capturing should be the relationship between those you are photographing.  There should be interaction that tells a story.  Hopefully there is even touching and closeness.  Get close and don't worry about perfection.  The relationship is what matters and what you will want to remember later.

Be Open to What Unfolds

Many want to direct every little moment—especially when photographing.  When keeping it real, this is really the opposite of what you need to do. You may start with an idea of what you want to photograph.  Then be open to what unfolds.  Tears may fall.  A hug may happen.  Laughter may occur.  All of these things are part of the "realness" of life that is beautiful and meaningful.

Photograph the Routines

Many of the everyday routines are filled with interaction.  Have your camera close at hand and find ways to photograph some of these routines.  Bedtime routines, dinner routines, morning routines, and even weekend routines are likely filled with opportunities to photograph and document relationships.

And, Last of All—Don't Stress.

Focus isn't perfect? Don't stress. Missed the moment? Don't stress (there will likely be another chance.) Funny expression? Don't stress and take another.  Enjoy the process and the memories you are capturing

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