7 Tips for Dramatically Improving Your Photos

Whether you’re starting out in photography or you’ve been in the business for a while, you would have come across a few tricks of the trade to help make your photography sessions and shoots a little simpler and more effective.

If you’re looking to dramatically improve your photos, there are some simple ways photographers can improve their results with little to no effort whatsoever, just a few simple tips.

In this article, we explore how you can improve your photography results and improve your output significantly using a couple of simple hacks.

1. Turn the flash off automatic

Rather than letting the flash automate whenever it gets slightly dark, a quick and easy way to avoid a ruined shot is by keeping the flash closed and off automatic and increasing the ISO. Using the manual mode will allow you to shoot a better photo and will allow you to use the available light to take your shot. This will also mean that you will get less blurry photos.

7 Tips for Dramatically Improving Your Photos

2. Remove the clutter from your photos

Some of the best photos are ones that are super simple. If you can, find backgrounds that are simple, so you don’t have items in the background that are distracting and cluttered. Locations that are busy and cluttered can be a little difficult for the viewer to take in, so unless the clutter tells a story, remove anything from the shot that is not necessary or find a background or backdrop that is minimal so you can focus on the hero in the image.

7 Tips for Dramatically Improving Your Photos

3. Use the rule of thirds

Gone are the days of centering your subject smack bang in the middle of your shot, these days photographers use the rule of thirds to compose photos. Simply turn on your grid function on your camera and move your subject to the left or right of the center into grid spaces either side of the center and snap away to see the difference in composition.

Top tricks for dramatically improving your photos

4. Get really close to your subject

There is no rule that you have to include every element of your subject into the photo, if you can, consider getting in nice and close to your subject and take a unique approach to your shot. This might mean cutting off their legs, lower half or even part of their head, but if it provides a unique look into your subject, it could be a really interesting way to improve your photos.

Top tricks for dramatically improving your photos

5. Look for patterns or uniqueness in the ordinary

Often it’s the ordinary that is most intriguing, and if you stop and take the time to view the world through a lens, you have probably noticed that buildings, bridges and ‘ordinary’ items can often be extraordinary through the eye of the lens. Take the time to walk around your town and look for ordinary items that could be a unique subject using light, shade and a little magic using your camera functions.

Top tricks for dramatically improving your photos

6. Shoot from unique angles

There comes to a point in photography where we do see the same thing over and over, so if you are looking to be a little unique consider shooting items from a different angle or perspective.

Rather than using eye level, consider the view of the child, or even shoot from above if possible. Even consider using technology for a bird’s eye view using a drone or an unexpected angle. Using symmetry can also work to provide a shot that is entirely different to what’s expected.

Top tricks for dramatically improving your photos

7. Go overboard with your aperture

Many successful images usually have a big aperture that blurs out the background or foreground; this works to sharpen the view of the subject and draw attention to a specific are of the image.

If you are looking to get an impact and take your photography to the next level increasing your lens aperture capabilities is key. Invest in a lens with a big aperture and test out the possibilities.

Using a few of the ideas above to improve your photography can help to improve your offering and take your photography to the net level.

Keep in mind that photography is entirely personal and instinctive. Simply using some of these tips could help to fine tune your skill set and take your photos from good to great.