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6 Photography-Related Projects to Keep You Busy During Slow Months

Winter is usually a slow time for photography in the northern hemisphere whether you are a photographer or just enjoying photography as hobby! So here are 6 projects you can immerse yourself in to keep you busy through the slower winter months!

  1.  Family Photobooks: I love creating these for my family every year and they love them just as much as I do.  Winter is the time I put them together. It’s the perfect time to go through our favorite photos and memories from the previous year and organize them into a book. My favorite method of creating these books uses the Lightroom Book Module and Blurb.  If you have never tried out either, then this is your lucky month! Get to work!
  1. Best Photos of the Year: This is the perfect time to go through your photos from the previous year and choose your favorites! Better yet, make a few favorites lists based on what you like to shoot.  And once you have chosen your favorites make sure to post them to your blog or social media sites, make a calendar so you can enjoy them, or print some for your walls! 

  1. Organize, Organize, Organize: We all love organizing and decluttering and now is the best time to do that with your photos.  If you have photos on different drives and need to get them all in one place or need to pull 10,000 photos off your phone and get them backed up to your computer NOW is the time to do it. I promise you’ll feel so on top of it when you do! 
  1. Update Your Website or Blog: We all get behind and likely that has happened to you during the last few months.  Don’t get frustrated.  Just dig in and get yourself all caught up.  It is the perfect time to post any recent favorite photos or shoots to your blog. And an even better time to publish those favorites to your website/portfolio! 

  1. Play with Lightroom Mobile: It was updated this year and is actually really fun to use and designed to be helpful to your photography workflow. So now, while things are a little slow, pull out your tablet and start figuring out how to use the new Lightroom Mobile apps! 
  1. Learn More Lightroom and Photography: We’re here to help you out with all the things you need to learn to be successful with photography and Lightroom.  There are lots of tutorials and videos here on this site that you probably didn’t have time to get to in the last few months.  It is time to grab some popcorn and your favorite drink and learn some new skills that will make this next year the best ever.  Start with these Free Photography Tutorials or these Free Lightroom Tutorials or these Free Lightroom Webinars. I guarantee you’ll learn at least one new and helpful tip to help you this year.


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