What are Photoshop Actions?

what are photoshop actions

What are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are a series of steps recorded by a creator which can then be replayed and applied to images over and over, without having to repeat every step - They are a huge time saver when it comes to speeding up your workflow!

With Photoshop Actions, you can create different effects, combine steps and techniques, resize images for print or web, convert to black and white, etc.  You can either puchase actions or record your own.  What it boils down to is Photoshop Actions help keep you moving in the right direction and save you a lot of time editing.  You also have the ability to adjust each step in the action to tweak it as needed for individual photos.

Here are some of the many benefits of using Photoshop Actions in your editing process:

Photoshop Actions

1. Photoshop Actions Can Be a Learning Tool

One of the first things I discovered with Actions is that I could use them as a teaching tool.  If I ran across an action that I purchased and found myself using it often, I became curious about the process behind each action.

I began dissecting the actions, so to speak - going into each step of the action, turning it off and on, adjusting opacity, etc.  This alone really helped me to learn a lot about how Photoshop works and which tools to use when trying to create a certain effect.

benefits of using photoshop actions

2. Photoshop Actions Save You Time

As mentioned earlier, Photoshop Actions will keep you from having to repeat the same step over and over.

This really comes in handy when working with multiple images in a gallery.  They not only save you time, but they can save your sanity as well.

This is especially true when it comes to editing large galleries from sessions or weddings.  Sitting down to edit hundreds of photos at a time can make you want to pull your hair out about halfway through!  Photoshop actions can really help speed things up and ensure you actually enjoy the editing process!

what are photoshop actions

3. Photoshop Actions Are Easy to Use

Photoshop actions are simple to use, regardless of how complex the action is or how many steps are included in the action.  Simply hit play and follow any commands along the way as necessary.

They are easy to install, easy to play, and are pretty much self-explanatory.  The point of Photoshop Actions is to keep things simple, fast, and efficient when it comes to the processing part of our job.

what are photoshop actions

4. Use Photoshop Actions to Quickly Find Different Effects

You can turn actions off just as easily as you turn them on.  Which means, you can play with different effects until you find the one that is appealing to you and the image(s) you are working with.  You can try multiple looks in just a few minutes.  Who knows?  They may even help you to discover your editing style.

why use photoshop actions


As photographers, many of us have children and families that take up a lot of our time.  We are always looking for ways to work more efficiently and faster.  If the more advanced editing pros take the time to create one click actions for us, why not take advantage?

Photoshop Actions are super simple to use, you can learn from them and they will save you a ton of time for all of life’s other demands.  Not to mention, even as a beginner, you can easily produce professionally edited images!

I highly encourage you to take the plunge and enjoy the exciting world of Photoshop actions!

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