Batch Processing in Photoshop (For Faster Workflow)

Batch Process Photoshop

How to Batch Process Using Actions in Photoshop

Do you want to learn how to apply actions to multiple images in Photoshop?  Or would you like to know how to apply several actions to an image with just a single click?

In this tutorial, I will explain how simple it is to batch process multiple images in Photoshop and save loads of time on your workload!  And don't we all want our editing life to be easier? 

Photoshop Lens Flares

I have two images open for this tutorial, however you can have many multiple images open at the same time when you are batch edting in Photoshop.

First, I am going to run an action, in this case the Fresh Start Base action that I use on almost all of my newborn images.  But I want it to apply this action to all the images that I have open without having to go in and click on each image individually.  To do this, just go the photoshop menu and click File > Automate > Batch.

How to Batch Edit in Photoshop

Once you have the popup screen, you will want to make sure you have the collection selected where the action you want to use is located.  In my case, the fresh start action is located in the Luxe Newborn Workflow Collection. Then click on the action within that set that you want to use.

Batch Edit Photoshop

  • Source: set to opened files.  This means it will apply your selected action to all files you have open in Photoshop.
  • Errors: set to stop for errors, so if anything does come up during the play it will stop the process and you will be able to fix the issue that's going on.
  • Destination: in this tutorial I will keep it at none because when I am finished with the batch process I will still want to apply enhancements to the images before I closes them.  I you choose the destination you can choose a folder and it will save all your images and close.

When you select okay the action will play automatically for all of the images you have open.  You can then go in and the opacity or keep it as is.

How to Batch Process Using Multiple Photoshop Actions

Now, say you want to run two, three, or more actions on all of your images that you have open, and you don't want go in and select File>Automate>Batch for each of the individual actions.  There's a really simple way to apply multiple actions all at once.

How to Edit Multiple Photos in Photoshop

Start by selecting the Photoshop Action collection want to use.  In my case again, the Luxe Newborn Collection At the bottom of your actions panel, you will see a little square with a folded corner at the bottom.  Select that square with the folded corner to create a new action.

Photoshop Batch

Give the action a name.  I will call mine Automate Newborn.  Press "Record".  At this point the action will be recording everything you are doing.

Play the actions that you want to be played in this new action that you are making.  In my example, I will play three actions: Fresh Start Base, Oh Baby!, and Choose Your Vignette.  I know I want a certain vignette applied, so I open this action, choose the vignette I want and adjust the opacity to my liking.  If you know you want to reduce the opacity of any of these actions, you can do that while recording as well.

How to Batch Edit Photos in Photoshop

Once you have applied all the actions you would like, click on the stop icon (which is the little square at the bottom left hand corner of your actions panel) next to the red record button to stop recording the action.

Run this New Action Using the Batch Option

Go back up to File>Automate>Batch.  I still have Luxe Newborn Collection selected and Automate Newborn is already my action selected, because I was just working with it.  I will keep the rest of my selections the same and then press okay.  All of the actions are going to play with just one quick click, and will apply to all of the images that that are open.

This is super simple, and I actually use this batch editing technique quite a bit when editing my photos in Photoshop.

I really hope that you learned a lot and are able to use this batch edit process to make your Photoshop editing a lot quicker!

If you are more of a visual learner, please watch our Photoshop Batch Editing tutorial video below:

Batch Editing in Photoshop - Video Tutorial


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