How to Turn Off Automated Pop Ups When Using Photoshop Actions

How to Turn Off Automated Pop Ups When Using Photoshop Actions

Hi Pretties!  In this tutorial we're going to show you how to remove the automatic pop-up message that sometimes appears at the end of the actions you run.  We love these messages, they are very helpful when you're first using the collection and may not know what to do or how to use a particular action, but once you get used to your collection, you may not want to see that automated message pop up over and over again. In that case, absolutely, you can remove the automated message and we're going to show you how to do just that.  

So lets take a quick look. I have my Pretty Actions Pure Color Workflow Collection open for this tutorial and Im just going to run the Selective Color Boost action.  Okay, so after I press play, an automated message appears before the action completes. This is an automated message that helps you use and understand the action and how it works.  This particular action will enhance existing colors that are already occurring in your image. So, of course, I can click continue for the action to finish and start using the action as it was intended.

Photoshop Actions Automated Pop Up

However, once I get the hang of the collection and the understanding of that action I may not want to see this message all the time because it does create one extra step.  Also, if I'm batch editing and I get a lot of pop-ups it can really hinder the time that it takes to batch edit.  (If you dont know how to batch edit: here is a link to our tutorial on how to batch process with Photoshop actions)  

Now, let's go ahead and learn how to remove that automated pop-up shall we? Keep in mind that you are going to have to use the following steps for each individual action that you would like to remove the automated pop-up from. It's really quiet simple, so don't worry about having to do too much work.  This should take you three minutes max. 

First, let's talk about how to decipher if an action has a pop-up just by looking at it. With your collection open in Photoshop, scroll down and look at all the actions inside of your Pretty Actions collection. You will notice that some of the actions have this little box looking thing to the left of them.  These are the actions with the pop-up, all of the other actions will have what appears to be an empty box.

Find Which Photoshop Actions Have Pop Ups

Now that we know how to identify an action that plays with a pop-up message, let's dig into how to remove it for a faster workflow. First, you'll want to open your action by selecting it, then click on the tiny arrow directly to the right of it.

How to remove an Photoshop Actions pop up for faster workflow

You're action will open and you should see a zillion recorded steps listed line by line. We know, it's a little overwhelming, that's why we've created beautiful actions with all of these step pre-recorded for you. It makes life just a little easier and a whole lot more fun!

OK,  now you'll want to scroll all the way down towards the bottom of the action contents and look for the word "Stop".  The "Stop" is actually a technical term as to what that pop-up is. We're going to click on it to select it, then drag and drop that in your little trash can at the bottom of your actions panel - and its gone!  So now, when you go to play this action, it will play like normal–without the automated message! How simple was that!?

How to remove the stop from a photoshop action

Try and open the next one, just scroll towards the bottom, sometimes it may be second to last or third to last - that's fine.  Click on the "Stop".  and click and drag it to drop in the trash. This is a super super simple way of removing that extra step that it takes when you're running some of your more advanced actions.  So don't hesitate to remove that automated message.  

Lastly, always, always make sure that you have your Pretty Photoshop Action collections saved and backed up somewhere - because when you are making changes to your actions you might make a mistake (we all do).  If you accidentally delete something you'll want to be able to have that original collection saved so you can easily reload your original actions and then make changes from there.  Alright Pretties as always thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to check back for more super fun blog updates. 

If you are more of a video person, we've got you covered. Check out our video tutorial on how to turn off autormated pop-ups when using your Pretty Photoshop Actions.

Stopping Photoshop Actions Pop Ups - Video Tutorial

Watch as we show you how to remove the automated pop up or message that appears when playing Photoshop Actions.


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