Photography Business Cards (FREE Download)

Photography Business Cards

Photography Business Cards

Are you thinking about starting a brand new photography business, or are you already established and looking to upgrade your marketing materials?

Even in this day and age of social networking, Facebook and Instagram, an effective business card remains a critical piece of branding and a fantastic way to market and get the word out about your photography business.

In addition to your contact information, a GREAT photography business card should be attractive and effectively represent your brand.

Does your business card reflect your photography style?  It should!  Your card is often a potential new client’s first point of contact with you and your company.  If they find your style and image(s) on your card attractive, you can bet they will be more likely to contact you and book a photoshoot.  If not?  Well... they will probably just toss it and move on.

To help you on your way to success (as we always love to do at Pretty Presets & Actions), we have designed 4 beautiful and modern business cards that you can download and use for FREE.  Take a look and download these cards below!

Light & Airy Lightroom Presets

Photography Business Card #1

(Modern Portrait)

If you want your images to be front and center on your business card, this is a fantastic choice.  Lead off with a full vertical image on one side and your important contact information framed in sage-green on the other.

Photography Business Card Ideas

Photography Business Card #2

(Photo Collage)

This beautiful card features multiple images - a single image along with your contact information on the front and 3 additional images on the back in tryptych format.  Tip: for best results, make sure to use images that work together cohesively.

Photographer Business Card Ideas

Photography Business Card #3

(Iconic Camera)

Everyone who sees the iconic camera logo on this card will instantly know you're a photographer.  Make sure to include your favorite image to show off your style and talent.

Photography Business Card Templates

Photography Business Card #4

(Modern Pastel)

Simple and modern, the front of this card promotes your name and contact information on a pink pastel background, while the back side spotlights a single, favorite image that best represents your brand.

Photography Business Card Examples

Click Here to Download These 4 Free Photography Business Cards

You will receive all 4 photography business card templates in your download.  Once you have downloaded, choose the business card template you like and open it in Photoshop.  Fill in your own business information and once complete, you will be able to print your BRAND NEW photography business cards at any local print shop, on-line printer, or professional photo lab.  Enjoy!

Don’t lose out on any more marketing opportunities.  Download your FREE photography business cards today!!

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