Bokeh Photo Challenge Winners

Bokeh Photo Challenge Winners - Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Contest

Who doesn't love bokeh?  We had so many incredibly gorgeous images shared with us this week, making it hard to narrow it down to just 11 images. Enjoy these beautiful images and stay tuned for our next photo challenge.  We'll announce it here in our Pretty Presets community.  If you missed the 8 Essential Bokeh Photography Tips Tutorial be sure to check that out, too.

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Below we've listed the two winners and nine honorable mentions below. Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another fun challenge.  We can't wait to share it with you!

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Thank you for sharing your talent with us and making this photo challenge so much fun! 

The Winners of the Bokeh Photo Challenge

Newly engaged couple looking down and smiling with bokeh background

"I used 85mm and I do manual focus on live view. Then I always sharpen up with brushes in photoshop. Read Rebecca Cooks article on live view manual focus it’ll change your life!" -Kelsey

Photographer: Kelsey Belflower Ketcheside

Edit: Edited with Clean Edit Lightroom Portrait Presets and a few adjustments.

Girl in an open field showcasing bokeh photography

"Gotta love the dreamy tree bokeh!"

Photographer: Karissa Collins

Edit: Pastel color from the Clean Edit Lightroom Presets for Portraits collection. Then in Photoshop, I used the Pastel Dreams collection with a shot of warmth, darken darks and summer lovin!

Other Images We Fell In Love With

Pretty yellow flower with bokeh background

I adore my wee front garden and after living here for 3 years finally discovered this strange yellow flower is a dahlia. I had only ever seen the big poofy peony type ones... 

Photographer: Kelly-anne Gladwin

Edit: Edited with Pastel Color, Driftwood Beach, Silver Veil and toolkit clicks from the Clean Edit Lightroom Portrait Presets.

Hummingbird among flowers with a bokeh background

It's my favorite image of wildlife I've ever taken. This hummingbird flew in one spot long enough for me to grab this ONE photo!

Photographer: Rebecca Cook

Edit: Edited with Bubble Tea from the Pretty Film Pastels Collection

Beautiful purple flowers with creamy bokeh behind them

Photographer: Melissa Mears

Edit: Clean Edit Portrait Lightroom Presets Clean Color and Soft Matte. Then finished with just a little Color Luxe Color Pop Brush (40%).

Beautiful purple flowers with bokeh background

Photographer: Shawn Bailey

EditEdited with the preset Peacock from the Enchanted Garden Collection

Two girls smiling at the camera with beautiful bokeh background

Traveling in Europe with my two daughters! And of course I took my camera and pretty presets with me! This is at the top of world in Lisbon! 

PhotographerCariane Bowles

EditEdited with the Clean Edit Lightroom Portrait Presets

Cat being groomed by his young owner with bokeh background

My cat has the same exact schedule every day. 10am is her "getting love" time. My oldest son is at school during that time during the week, so on the weekends, he takes full advantage. They are both so grateful. 

Photographer: Kimberly Fournier

Edit: Edited with Black Thorn from Enchanted Garden Collection

Closeup image of a dandelion with bokeh behind it

Photographer: Lesley Louise  

Edit: Edited with Black Thorn from Enchanted Garden Collection

Mom holding her young son in her arms with a bokeh background

PhotographerSaima Hz

Edit:  Edited with Peacock from the Enchanted Garden 

Beautiful pink flower with an orange butterfly landing on it and a bokeh background

Photographer: Aimie Pantelis

Edit: Edited with Sweet Summer from Velvet Matte Actions Collection


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Thank you all for joining us this week!  Be sure to come join our Pretty Presets Facebook Community.  We'd love to have you join us for our next photo challenge coming soon!

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