Pastel Dreams Collection


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Compatible With
  • Compatible with CS 3-6CS 3-6
  • Compatible with PSE 11+PSE 11+
  • Compatible with Creative CloudCreative Cloud
This product is a digital download that is available for downloading immediately after purchase.


Light & Airy Photoshop Actions

Get ready to fall in love with our PASTEL DREAMS Photoshop Actions Collection. A powerful, precise and versatile set of sweepingly beautiful actions, brushes, and tools that will totally infuse your images with light & airy color you have to see to believe!!

This amazing new set is packed with 78 powerful, creative and workflow actions – everything you need to quickly and easily enhance your photos with soft pastel tones, gentle haze, and rich creamy light. These powerful actions work synergistically, building on one another as a complete workflow solution.


Color & Light Enhancing Actions

Start with the Light Doctor actions to correct exposure, add or reduce hazy light, and even augment your backlit images. Correct and play with your image colors using the flexible Color Doctor actions to add warmth, add coolness, fix unwanted color casts, soften colors or alternatively add color-pop.

The Sunfusion actions will infuse your photos with deep sun drenched color in just one click with 5 luscious Sunfusion options.

Choose from 15 different all-in-one Pastel Color actions and ethereal Black & White conversions to add soft, light and airy color enhancements all which can be mixed-and-matched to create an unlimited number of custom color combinations.

Then use the 9 BONUS Brushes to add incredible Sunrays and Sunbursts. Super fun and easy to use, these brushes are the perfect way to add magical light to your images.


Includes Mini-Retouch Set

We’ve even included a mini-retouch set to help beautify skin, enhance eyes, and add Summer glow to cheeks & lips. Everything you need to retouch your Spring & Summer portraits.

Includes Workflow & Combo Actions

Finish your masterpiece with numerous workflow options to add center light, vignettes, add or brush on haze, sculpt light and much, much more.

And for the first time ever, we’ve included 8 FAVE Combo Actions, curated to run our favorite Pastel Dreams action combinations with just one-click.

As always, all of our actions are extremely flexible and completely customizable so you can achieve the exact look you want, quickly and easily.

Excited? We thought so!

Perfect for any type of photography, our powerful and extremely easy to use Pastel Dreams Photoshop Action Collection is a MUST-HAVE!

And with over 78 Actions, Brushes and Workflow Tools included in one easy download, an incredible value too!


The Pastel Dreams Collection Includes:

  • 6 Light Doctor Actions

  • 5 Color Doctor Actions

  • 3 Mini-Retouch Actions

  • 5 Sun-fusion Actions

  • 12 All-in-one Pastel Color Actions

  • 3 All-in-one Soft B&W Actions

  • 9 "Polisher" Workflow Actions

  • 10 Pretty Workflow Brushes

  • 8 FAVE Combo Actions

  • 9 BONUS Sunray and Sunburst Brushes

  • BONUS Sunray/Sunburst Applicator

  • BONUS Sunray/Sunburst Add-on Action

  • 6 Workflow Actions

  • Actions are fully customizable to fit your style.

  • Compatible and fully optimized for Photoshop CS3-CS6, Creative Cloud, and PSE 11+

  • Works on both Mac and PC.

  • Instruction guides and video tutorial links to show you how to install and use the actions.

Pastel Dreams Actions Video Tutorial


Light Doctor Actions

  • Sun Up

  • Sun Down

  • Hazy Light

  • Cut the Haze

  • Backlight Perfect

  • Backlight Perfect + Shadows

Color Doctor Actions

  • Color Cast Doctor

  • A Shot of Warmth

  • A Dash of Cool

  • Color Riche

  • Soften Color

Mini Retouch Set

  • Eye Sparkle

  • Summer Skin

  • Playful Cheeks & Lips

Sunfusion Actions

  • Sun Drenched

  • Golden Hour

  • Pretty Sunrise

  • Spring Morning

  • All in Focus

Pastel Dreams Color Actions

  • *Play All*

  • First Kiss

  • Good Fortune

  • Strawberry Crush

  • Spoonful of sugar

  • Extra Butter

  • Bubble Mint

  • First Prize

  • Summer Lovin'

  • Lollipop

  • Cotton Candy

  • Carnival

  • Dreamin' of Sun

Pastel Dreams Black & White Actions

  • *Play All*

  • Carefree

  • Hop Scotch

  • P.S. I Love You


  • Darken Darks

  • Brighten Brights

  • Pretty Center Light

  • Matte Vignette

  • U-Pick Vignette

  • U-Pick Haze

  • Pastel Hazes

  • Warm Haze Left

  • Warm Haze Right

Pastel Dreams Brushes

  • Light Sculpt - Bright

  • Light Sculpt - Dark

  • U-Pick Paint on Haze

  • Define Subject

  • Rich Color Pop

Pastel Dreams Fave Combos

  • Combo #1

  • Combo #2

  • Combo #3

  • Combo #5

  • Combo #6

  • Combo #7

  • Combo #8

Pretty Workflow Actions

  • Snapshot of Layers

  • Flatten Layers

  • Revert to Original

  • Horizontal Sharpen and Resize for Web

  • Vertical Sharpen and Resize for Web

  • Sharpen for Print

BONUS Sunray & Sunburst Brushes

  • 9 Sunray/Sunburst Brushes

  • BONUS Sunray/Sunburst Applicator

  • BONUS Sunray/Sunburst Add-on Action

  • License good for (1) photographer/studio only

  • Items include digital downloads, PDF guides, links to online videos

  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop/PSE required

Special thanks to Janey Cooper Photography, Captured by Kristin, and Freckled Flower Photography for the use of the beautiful images used in our examples.


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How to install Photoshop Actions click HERE.  

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