4 Lesser Known Features of Lightroom 5 | Pretty Presets Lightroom Tutorial

The “BIG” new features always get all the press.  It really isn’t fair.  So I am here to help give a few of my favorite “smaller” features that have caught my attention their time in the sun.   

Appearing in order of usefulness, (according to me) here are a few other favorite features that you may not have heard mentioned!   

1. Grids and Guides

Grids and guides got a lot more powerful in this version.  You can line up guides to certain areas of your photos or change the grid size that  you’d like to have showing.  And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even change the opacity of the grids so that they aren’t so glaring across your photo. 

To find this new feature, go to View>Loupe Overlay and turn on what you’d like to see.

4 Lesser Known Features of Lightroom 5 | Pretty Presets Lightroom Tutorial

To get the options for changing the opacity and size, just select ctrl (cmd) + alt at the same time and the following dialog box will appear allowing you to change the size or opacity of the grid.

New Features of Lightroom 5

2. Previous Import Option

This feature sounds a little cryptic, but it really could be a game changer for those of you who use Lightroom to import photos. 

In all previous versions of Lightroom, when you imported photos, Lightroom put the emphasis on the most recent import.  This basically means that on import it would automatically take you to the most recently imported photos.  Now you can turn that feature off which means that even after you begin importing photos, Lightroom will stay in the folder that you were previously working in. 

To turn on or off this feature, go to your Preferences and choose General and then under “Import Options” uncheck the box that says, “Select the Current/Previous collection during Import.”

Lightroom Import Option

3. Full Screen Mode

Ever just want to show your clients or friends your favorite shots without Lightroom’s interface showing?  In previous versions you had to toggle through several views to get to a nice full screen mode.  In Lightroom 5, just press the “F” key to get into Full Screen mode and then use the arrow keys to scroll through your folder of images.

I think this will also prevent people from accidentally getting stuck in one of the full screen modes and not sure what they have done.

If you liked the old way of toggling through the views, just press shift+F. 

4. Aspect Ratios Crop Guide Overlay

Lightroom 5 has a new option for an overlay while you are cropping.  Now you can choose to see some of the popular crop ratios to help visualize what will be lost when you crop your photo to any of those dimensions.

To see this option while you are cropping your photo, go to Tools>Crop Guide Overlay>Aspect Ratios.

Lightroom Crop Guide Overlay

You can also choose what aspect ratios you want to see when you turn on this feature.  To set these, go to Tools>Crop Guide Overlay>Choose Aspect Ratios.  A dialog box will come up that will let you set which aspect ratios you want to see.

Lightroom Crop Guide Aspect Ratio

Hope you get some good use out of these new Lightroom 5 features!  Be sure to check out "The New Lightroom 5's 4 Big Features" as well if you haven't had a chance.

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