Top 5 Questions About Upgrading to Lightroom 5

 lightroom 5

I've had so many great questions about the release of Lightroom 5 so I'd like to take the opportunity to answer them here.  Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.  

1. Will my Pretty Presets transfer to Lightroom 5?

Answer: Yes, they will transfer over when you upgrade to Lightroom 5.  You will not have to re-install them.  All Lightroom 4 presets will continue to work in Lightroom 5.  

2. How do I upgrade to Lightroom 5?

Answer:  You can purchase an upgrade through Adobe or through Amazon.  You can upgrade from Lightroom 1, 2, 3 or 4 to Lightroom 5.  The upgrade is usually around $75-$80.  Don't forget, as a student or teacher you can get a discounted rate.    

3. What happens to the previous platform of Lightroom that I used on my computer?

Answer: You can keep your previously installed Lightroom platform on your computer if you wish.  If you only want one platform then you can delete the past platform and keep Lightroom 5.  Just remember that you will need to keep the serial number associated with Lightroom 5 in case you want to install it again in the future.  If you want to keep both Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5 on your computer then that is just fine.  I currently have Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4 on my one computer and Lightroom 5 on my other.  You don't have to delete it unless you decide to. 

4. Should I backup my pictures and catalogs before upgrading?

Answer: Yes, we've always strongly encouraged backing up all of your pictures.  When you upgrade to Lightroom 5 it will ask if you want to upgrade your previous Lightroom catalog.  When you agree to this it will make a copy of the catalog for you.  However, we still encourage you to back everything up.  We have a great blog post with free ways to backup your pictures. Free Resources for Backing Up Your Pictures and Presets to the Cloud. 

5. Do you have any presets available for Lightroom 5?

Answer: Yes, we do have wonderful collections available to you for Lightroom 5.  The great news is that all of the Lightroom 4 presets will continue to work in Lightroom 5.  We have Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5 lightroom presets available.  We also have lightroom brushes and graduated filters available here at Pretty Presets.  Please let us know how we can help you!  

Lightroom 5 Presets