Who’s Afraid of Lightroom 4 (And Why You Shouldn’t Be!)

Are you afraid of upgrading to Lightroom 4?  Are you one of the ones who are constantly telling everyone how they are never going to upgrade because their ONE beloved feature is gone?  Or, are you just afraid because you HEARD it was different and scary?

Well, I am here to tell you that it is SILLY to be afraid of a little ol' piece of software.  You're still not convinced?  Just read on while I alleviate the most common fears I come across!

"My Brightness Slider is Gone?"—Oh MY!

Yep.  The Brightness slider is gone.

But let's all remember back to why we were using the Brightness slider in the first place.  Oh yeah.  The exposure slider in Lightroom 3 and earlier was terrible and blew out photo highlights so quickly NO ONE DARED TOUCH IT!

Thankfully, Adobe fixed that problem for us in Lightroom 4!  We can all breathe a sigh of relief.  The fixed Exposure slider and the addition of the "Shadows" and "Highlights" sliders do a much better job of brightening a photo than Exposure and Brightness did in Lightroom 3.

Who’s Afraid of Lightroom 4 (And Why You Shouldn’t Be!)

"Recovery is Gone, Too?"—Oh, No!

Yep.  The Recovery slider is gone, too.  The best part about Lightroom 3 was chucked out the window? (I hope the sarcasm comes through on the page.)

Pretty much, they just changed the name of your tool and gave it more functionality.  Highlights now recovers highlights in much the same way that the Recovery slider used to (I actually think better).  Also, remember my last point?  The Exposure slider is no longer a useless slider sitting on top of the Basic Panel.  It can also help you tweak your exposure so that there is less to recover!

What?!?  My Lightroom 3 Pretty Presets Won't Work in Lightroom 4?—Gee, Whiz!

Although, this threw a lot of people off initially, we have posted several times here how you can use any Lightroom 3 Pretty Preset in Lightroom 4.  I do it all the time.  Yesterday, in fact!

Price—They Really Want Me to Upgrade Again?

I am sure that the price of upgrading software can seem a bit overwhelming—especially if you have more than one piece of software that you need to upgrade regularly.  And if price is the thing holding you back, I totally get that.  Valid concern.

However, this year, Adobe did something that I have NEVER heard of a company doing before that I am sure has been a tremendous help to many of those who purchased or upgraded.  They cut the price of their software by HALF (and you can regularly find it on sale for even less) AND decreased the price of the upgrade by a third!

Amazing.  I know, right?!

Final Thoughts and a Comparison

Some of the points in this post are a little sarcastic.  The truth is that I have been using Lightroom 4 for almost a year now.  When I first got it, I had some of these same fears and worries.  I used the Brightness slider and the Recovery slider on LOTS of photos in Lightroom 3.  

But I quickly found that there were some HUGE improvements and the learning curve was short.  I think you'll find the same thing.

And, truthfully, I really just don't want you to get left in the dust.  Lightroom 5 (no, I am not leaking anything here—just assuming that Lightroom won't END at Lightroom 4) isn't going to REVERT back to Lightroom 3.  It will continue to improve and evolve.  I don't want you to get stuck in the software dark ages just because a few sliders have changed and gone missing!

Below I edited an image in both Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4 and got very similar results.  I think you will, too!

Who’s Afraid of Lightroom 4 (And Why You Shouldn’t Be!)

Sending my Lightroom Love to you all!  Happy Editing!