It has been a little while since I have done a video on Pretty Presets.  I would say that the main culprit is that my son stopped napping.  Trying to keep a 3 year-old from talking while recording a video is almost impossible.

But today, this post is about the new video capabilities in Lightroom 4 and I thought it only fitting that the information be shared in a video!  So watch the videos below or read on to find out how to edit the length of your video, add presets to your videos, and just generally edit color of your videos in Lightroom 4!

Editing Video in Lightoom 4

To edit videos in Lightroom 4, navigate to your videos while in the Library Module. Library mode is where you will do most of your editing. This may seem a little backwards since we are used to editing in the Develop Module.

Getting the Most Out of the New Video Feature in Lightroom
As you move your cursor over the video while you are in the grid view, you will see Lightroom scrubbing through your video. You will also see the length of the video in the lower left corner of the preview. Once you move over to the Loupe View (type E on your keyboard to move to Loupe View) you'll be able to do more.

In this view you can trim the length and set the preview of your video. To trim the length of your video, click on the gear icon at the right side of your video tool bar. This opens up a timeline that you can scrub through. On the right and left of the timeline, you can click and drag little shutters to mark a new starting point and ending point for your video!

Getting the Most Out of the New Video Feature in Lightroom
Since most of the videos on my computer were taken by my kids and tend to have the sky or wall as the opening shot, I LOVE that you can set your own preview so that you will know what your video is actually about just by looking at the preview. To set a new preview, scrub your video to the place that will remind you what the video is of and then click on the rectangle icon next to the gear icon. Select "Set Poster Frame" from the drop-down menu. Viola! A new preview is set!

Developing Video in Lightroom 4

We will be using the "Quick Develop" panel to edit videos. This isn't a feature that I use much when editing photos so it may take a little getting used to for editing your videos. Two quick things that you should know:

1. You can use your favorite Pretty Presets (or any saved preset) to edit your videos in Quick Develop by selecting it from the drop-down menu at the top of the quick develop panel.

2. The arrows in the quick develop panel can be a bit confusing. A single arrow will give more gradual changes--I think by about 1/3 of a stop at a time. The double arrows will give more drastic changes--I think by 1 full stop at a time!
Getting the Most Out of the New Video Feature in Lightroom On the second video I also share a work around way to use the Develop Module to edit your videos.

Exporting Your Videos

In order to get the most out of the videos that you edit in Lightroom, you'll need to export them! Exporting is easy. Just right-click on the video and choose Export and then Export again from the drop-down menu. Make sure to choose the location you want to export the video to AND have "Include Video Files" checked. I have been leaving the video format set to H.264 because that is what I was taught to do and it has worked great. You can even share them using Publish Services!

Enjoy editing and sharing your videos all from within Lightroom 4!

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