10 Photography Tutorials to Help you Master Light

If you have been photographing for any amount of time, chances are you have wanted to learn how to better use and photograph in all sorts of light. Use these tutorials to help you begin to master light in your photography.

Lighting Basics

1. 3 Tips for Finding the Light

2. Lighting Basics: Cloudy and Shade (Free Printable)

3. Lighting Basics: Backlight and Sunlight (Free Printable)

4. Lighting Basics: Camera Settings (Free Printable)

5. Lighting Basics: Window Light (Free Printable)

6. Lighting Techniques: High Key and Low Key

7. Lighting on the Go

8. Getting Started With Off-Camera Flash

9. Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash (part 2)

10. 6 On-Camera Flash Tips

11. Backlight: Illumination from Behind

12. Maximizing the Light for Indoor Lifestyle Photos

13. 4 Easy Tips to Take Advantage of Golden Hour

14. All About Light: Make Lighting Work For You; Not Against You