Favorite Lightroom Presets | Using Color Luxe Presets and Brushes

The Color Luxe Collection was the first preset-brush combination collection released at Pretty Presets. The set includes a variety of layering presets plus brushes that were made especially to work in tandem with the presets. This is a quick tutorial to show what is included in the collection and how to use them. A video tutorial at the bottom walks you through two sample edits.

The following list shows the various "global" presets, which apply to the image as a whole.

  • The first six are all-in-one presets which give the image a creative look.
  • The next six are different "bases" which give the edit a base to work from.
  • The remaining presets are ones that can be layered on top of an all-in-one or on one of the six bases.

Stackable Presets

Next is a list of the brushes included in the Color Luxe Collection.

  • 15 Color Brushes
  • 2 Contrast Brushes
  • 2 Exposure Brushes
  • 3 Color Correction Brushes
  • 3 Change Color Brushes

Best Lightroom Brushes


Presets for Family Photography

Presets for Portrait Photography