The Importance of Beautiful Packaging | Pretty Presets for Lightroom Business Tutorial

We all know how exciting it is to book a session. That excitement carries into the day of the shoot and increases as we rush home to get those images on our computer for a real look at them. Often we get so excited about the beginning of the process and tend to forget our job does not end there. We still have to show the client the images, and then after they place an order, present them with their goods. To me, this is almost as much fun as taking the shots, I love packaging!  I love all things ribbons, bows, and paper.

There are so many ways to present your prints/products and it is a fun problem to have. I love to buy paper on sale year round whenever I see a roll that catches my attention. I don’t always use the same packaging, to me it’s fun to play with multiple patterns.

The Importance of Beautiful Packaging | Pretty Presets for Lightroom Business Tutorial

Show Your Products to Clients

If you do IPS (In Person Sales) it’s a great idea to have all the items that you offer to show the client at your meeting. Most pro labs have special pricing on studio samples, so you aren’t spending full price. One of the hardest things for clients is to really visualize the size of prints. I like to have the same image on all the sizes I offer, from wallet to 24x36. When clients see all the sizes together they generally realize how small an 8x10 or 11x14 really is, and order larger. Specialty items like wood prints, or metal prints that are becoming popular will really catch more attention from your client if they can hold one in their hands. 

The Importance of Beautiful Packaging | Pretty Presets for Lightroom Business Tutorial

Custom Designed Products

With the ease and size of the internet we really have an unlimited supply of custom designed products at our finger tips. From stickers with your business name, to personalized tissue wrapping paper and ribbons that read your business name and info. 

One way is personalized flat paper bags that your prints slide into, these are quick and easy to use. They are available in all colors, sizes and can have your business name pre-printed on them. You would need a few sizes, some smaller sets for your gift prints, and then up to your largest print for sale. Personalized stamps or stickers are a great way to finish these. 

Paper, Paper, Paper!

Another option is wrapping paper, from a nice natural butcher paper style, to any print imaginable, whatever fits the look and feel of your brand. I personally love wrapping paper, I mean who doesn’t love to rip open a beautifully wrapped gift? This is an easy option if you are not ready to order a larger quantity of bags, or are not decided on your branding quite yet. Always finish your paper off with layers of ribbon and a beautiful tag. 

The Importance of Beautiful Packaging | Pretty Presets for Lightroom Business TutorialThe Importance of Beautiful Packaging | Pretty Presets for Lightroom Business Tutorial

Photo Boxes

Photo boxes are also a very attractive and convenient way to package multiple smaller prints. Both WHCC and Millers  have boxes available for purchase, or you can find other styles on sites such as Etsy.  You can offer custom wood keepsake boxes, or just a firm cardstock  style with a ribbon. This is good for you because it makes the prints portable, and the client feels safe to take them out to show others, and that is great advertising for you!

Client Gifts

Once you have a firm grasp on what your “look” is, think about getting a few extra items that could be handed out to clients as small gifts when you meet for a session, or perks for spending a certain amount. Custom USB, water bottles, pens, shirts, hats, cloth bags, the list is truly endless. You want these items to be fun and useful so the client uses them, helping to get your name and brand seen by others. 

When choosing your items, try to put yourself in the clients shoes. Think of the amount of money you are charging and what you as the consumer would expect to receive for paying that fee. Imagine you will be on the receiving end of the package, and what it would say about the giver. You want your packaging to reflect how you feel about your business, in turn making your clients feel the same. 

Make the Client Feel Special

I truly enjoy personally handing my client a beautifully wrapped “gift” of their prints, when you take the time to treat the product as though it is special, the client will feel that way as well. It’s a great ending to a session and will keep you fresh in their minds for next time.