Kraft & Jute: Boutique Packaging for Photograpers!

Kraft and Jute Review

Kraft and Jute Photography Packaging

When I received my package from Kraft & Jute delivered in the mail today, I was super excited to see all the lovely things inside!  I had been looking online at their hand-crafted products, and was eager to get my hands on them in person.

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While reading about the company I came to learn a bit about the women behind the scenes and their role in making the hand crafted items you receive.  If you have a moment, hop on over and read for yourself!

Kraft & Jute

Kraft and Jute

Presenting Your Photography Clients with a Beautiful Gift! 

Kraft & Jute has everything you need to package and deliver your photos.  After many years of IPS sales and delivering photos to clients, I have learned that the packaging and presentation can be a HUGE part of your success.

You can put time, money, energy into providing a great photoshoot experience, but the follow up and delivery of your products can be JUST AS IMPORTANT!  Think about how you feel when you are delivered a beautiful package.  Doesn't it feel great to get a beautifully wrapped gift?  The right packaging can make receiving prints feel like Christmas morning!

Kraft and Jute Photo Packaging

Kraft and Jute Boutique Packaging for Photographers

Beautiful Packaging Details Your Clients Will Gush Over!

The detail put into these products is what first caught my eye.  There is hand stitching on all the material products as well as lots of small button and ribbon details.

The wood and glass custom USB will impress any client for sure! This packaging is fully customizable with your photography business name or the name of your client.  Kraft and Jute also offers custom cover envelopes, print boxes, pouches and wraps, tins, ornaments and other heartfelt gifts for your photography clients.

Kraft & Jute Packaging for Photographers

Kraft & Jute Packaging

Photography Packaging at a Reasonable Cost & Won't Kill Your Bottom Line

Let's talk cost!  I know sometimes you feel like you are spending so much money and putting loads of time and effort into your business, that there is not as much left at the bottom line as you would like.

I can tell you right now, after years of searching and purchasing this type of photo packaging, Kraft & Jute has extremely reasonable pricing.  You also don’t have to order a large amount of a particular product in order to get a “discount”.  There are multiple colors, prints, and fabrics available and you can try just one of each if you want.

Kraft Photo Boxes

Beautiful Photo Packaging for Every Photographer

If you are new to IPS, are just starting to branch out into products and prints, or have been in the game for years, it will be worth a few minutes to hop on over to check out their website.  You will be happy you did.

Even if you only offer your clients digital files, you can still up your game with custom USBs and CD covers.  There really is something for every type of photographer!

Kraft Photo Presentation Boxes

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