Congratulations on your new Pretty Presets purchase.

You've likely seen some of the amazing images shared around our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Instagram and decided that they were just right for you.  But now that you've made a purchase, what should you do next?  Here is a list of things that will help you take your investment to the next level!

Pretty Presets for Lightroom Replacement Policy

1. Back up your investment!

Whatever you do, please don't skip this step!  It may seem like a tedious step.  But we have answered LOTS of sad emails from people who have had a hard drive failure or some other tragic computer accident and lost all their precious presets.  We at Pretty Presets can't be responsible for storing your Pretty Presets purchase.  YOU are responsible for backing up your purchase so that you have it when your computer crashes (and they all do eventually!) or you purchase a new computer and want to transfer them over!  There is a reason we list this #1!

And don't worry!  Backing up your presets is easy. This tutorial will walk you through the process in just a few simple steps!

Pretty Presets for Lightroom

2. Install Your Presets into Lightroom.

It is important to get those wonderful presets into Lightroom so that you can use them and they can save you time.  Installing is easy and we have lots of resources to help walk you through this process.

Pretty Presets for Lightroom

3. Learn how to adjust your presets as needed.

We strive to create products that will save you much time in the editing process and we feel like our products do this beautifully.  That being said, no two sessions are exactly the same.  Each lighting scenario is slightly different and it is very likely that your exposure is different as well.  Learning how to adjust your presets as needed will help you get the most from your purchase and help you deepen your understanding of Lightroom along the way!  We have some tremendous resources that can help with that.  Click on the links below to learn how to better use your product!

Pretty Presets for Lightroom

4. Continue to grow.  Join our Pretty Presets for Lightroom community.

We have a tremendous community of over 21,000 photographers in our Pretty Presets Facebook Group that continually share and encourage one another by teaching and sharing with one another.  We think you'll benefit greatly from joining and learning from them.  It is easy to do--just click on any of the links in this paragraph, ask to join, and we will quickly add you. 

Pretty Presets for Lightroom - Join our Facebook Community

Pretty Presets for Lightroom

5. Join our email list and be notified of the latest free trainings and lightroom tutorials.

We LOVE helping our customers learn Lightroom and how to get the most out of their Pretty Presets purchases.  Our favorite ways to do this are FREE webinars, amazing blog posts, and other free resources.  We also offer exclusive deals and access to new products. The best way to hear about all these amazing deals and learning opportunities is to sign up to receive our emails.  We think you'll be rewarded each time you open one up!

Pretty Presets for Lightroom

6. Share your work with us!  Share in our private community or anywhere you go online.

Sharing is one of the best ways to improve your photography and editing skills.  AND we love seeing what you create with Pretty Presets.  If you share other places around the web or on Instagram, be sure to use the #PrettyPresets so that we can enjoy your work.  And we love to share what you create with our followers as well!