Top Photos of 2020 - Photo Challenge Winners

Best Photos of 2020

20+ Top Photos of 2020

Pretty Presets & Actions Photo Challenge

We are so excited to share these incredible photos with you from our Pretty Presets and Actions photo community.  It's always so hard to narrow it down.  Below are our favorites from the shared images in the Pretty Presets community!  Thank you to everyone who submitted an image and congratulations to all the photographers featured below.  We're so grateful to be surrounded by so many talented and inspiring photographers.

We have listed our winners below followed by twenty honorable mentions.  Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another fun photo challenge.

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Thank you all for sharing your talent with us throughout 2020 and making this photo challenge so much fun!

All of the gorgeous photos featured on this page were edited in Lightroom using Pretty Presets for Lightroom and/or Pretty Actions for Photoshop. Special thanks to Tammy Porter for sharing her image above edited with Pretty Presets!

Winning Images from the Best of 2020 Photo Challenge

Best of 2020 Photo Challenge

"I took so many pictures during this session.  This one was my favorite. Love mother and son pictures."

Captured by the talented Amber Johnson-Kerrigan.  Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection.

  Top Photos of 2020

"One of my favorite photos I have captured.  Pure sweetness!"

Captured by the talented Ashley Holley.  Edited with Spirited from Pretty Film Bohemian + Golden Glow from The Luminous Collection.

Top 2020 Images We Fell in Love with AND You Can be Inspired By!

Here are our other favorite best of 2020 photos we absolutely loved from the PRETTY community!  Enjoy these 20+ photos as inspiration for your next photo session.

Best of 2020 Photo Challenge

"Most definitely one of my best shots even though we braved the elements and I was shooting in the pouring rain with water over the top of my sneakers.  This was my first time shooting in the rain.  Her expression says it all."

Captured by the talented Melissa Virkler.  Edited with Innocence preset from the Light and Airy Millennium Collection.

Best of 2020 Photo Challenge

"Spoon is an orphan and being fostered by a friend of mine till he's old enough to live in the wild.  I must be quackers, cause he's staying with me for a few days while my friend is away.  He lives up to his name and is a real spoon nutcase lol, he screams a lot but has a teddy bear that he's bonded with and preens and sleeps with haha he's a total character!"

Captured by the talented Kelly Gladwin.  Edited with Baha Dunes from Clean and Colorful in Lightroom and then PURE Color Workflow + Fog and Rain Overlays and Actions in Photoshop with hand edits.

2020 Photo Challenge

"My favorite shots from the wedding I was blessed to capture this Fall."

Captured by the talented Jenny. Schmitz.  Edited with Classic Clean and Black Thorn from Enchanted Garden.

Best of 2020 Photo Challenge

Captured by the talented Josie Porter.  Edited with Henna preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

2020 Photo Challenge Winners

Captured by the talented Sara Prue.  Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection.

Best of 2020 Photo Challenge

"When things shut down I started playing and being more creative."

Captured by the talented Melissa Virkler.  Edited with Innocence preset from Light and Airy Millennium Collection and Eyes Catchlight brush from Perfect Portrait Retouch and Makeup Brushes for Lightroom.

Top Photos of 2020

"This photo was part of my first session after almost three months of lockdown ended in Singapore.  Lockdown had not been the end of the world for her.  On the contrary it was probably one of the happiest times in her little life inside a bubble of love, amidst a world of chaos that was unbeknownst to her.  Beneath these trees her little heart still soared!"

Captured by the talented Amy Woodward.  Edited with Serendipity preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

Best of 2020 Photo Challenge

"Do you want to build a snowman?  No, mom we don't.  While in lockdown, we got about four inches of snow in April.  I had to take my two fur children out to have some fun."

Captured by the talented Lindsey Keller.  Edited with Gemini preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

Top Photos of 2020

Captured by the talented Margaret Norcross.  Edited with the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow Collection.

Top 2020 Photo Challenge

"These is one of my favorite photos from last year.  It makes me feel like I am finally getting there.  They make me smile and I remember gasping when I saw them."

Captured by the talented Susan Yates.  Edited with Bashful preset from the Pretty Film Pastels Collection.

Top Photos of 2020

"Tuckered out puppies from their photoshoot!"

Captured by the talented Angela Peters.  Edited with Serendipity preset from Pretty Film Bohemian

2020 Photo Challenge

Captured by the talented Erica Kearns.  Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection

Top Photos of 2020

 "Babies give you hope, that we will have better times."

Captured by the talented Karen Drylie.  Edited with Warm Haze Right preset from the Luminous Collection.

2020 Photo Challenge

"This is a stitched image of Monkey Mia in Western Australia."

Captured by the talented Shelby Cavanagh.  Edited with Clean Rich Color preset from Clean and Colorful Millennium Collection.

Top Photos of 2020 Photo Challenge

"This one goes all the way back to January of 2020.  It has remained one of my favorite barn pictures.  This was taken just down the street from my house."

Captured by the talented Sarah Erickson.  Edited with Clean Edit Portrait Workflow

Top Photos of 2020

"One of my favorites from 2020!"

Captured by the talented Danelle Joy.  Edited with Reverie from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection and the Winter Wonderland Collection.

Top Photos of 2020

Captured by the talented Devin Browning.  Edited with Calypso preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

2020 Photo Challenge

"Embracing Maine Winter is hard, but a fun photo session makes it a lot easier!"

Captured by the talented Megan Gormley.  Edited with Clean Color from Clean Edit Portrait Workflow and hand adjustments! 

Best of 2020 Photo Challenge

"Not being able to photograph my clients due to Covid-19 restrictions, I had to find another way to keep active and improve my skills.  My husband and I made a routine of going on early morning drives exploring the countryside!  We'd look for new subjects to shoot.  Photographing farm animals, landscapes and flowers became my new passion.  It was the perfect way to de-stress and get the creativity flowing."

Captured by the talented Stephanie Hatmaker.  Edited with Serendipity preset from Pretty Film Bohemian and Creamy Center Light from Enchanted Garden.

Top Photos of 2020

"This photo reveals the accomplishment of many of my photography goals for 2020: capturing real loving moments, effectively shooting in the golden hour, and adding more dimension and richness to my photos.  It just warms my heart to capture real loving moments like this.  Edited with Reverie."

Captured by the talented Debbie McKillip.  Edited with Reverie from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection.

2020 Photo Challenge

 Captured by the talented Erica Kearns.  Edited with Reverie from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection.

Top Photos of 2020

"They couldn't wait for their session to be over. They were promised a jump in the lake when they were done."

Captured by the talented Amber Johnson-Kerrigan.  Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection.

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Best of 2020 Photo Challenge

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