Photo Challenge: Home

Photo Challenge: Home


Everyone has a favorite picture that takes them back to a place they call home. It can be a person, a place or a certain object that reminds you of that special place. This week, we loved being invited into your "home".  Thank you for giving us a picture of your home with us!  We loved getting to read about the people and places that make your lives and homes so special.

Below are our 2 winners and 8 honorable mentions that we fell in love with.  If you were one of the Photographers featured, please be sure to grab a button, showcasing that you were featured on our website or group page. Thank you for sharing your talent with us today.  Enjoy browsing through these beautiful pictures of home to each photographer.  For our two winners, please email us at Thank you for making this photo challenge so much fun.  You can use the code #prettyphotochallenge to narrow down the results. 

The WINNERS From Our Photo Challenge 

Photo Challenge: Home

Home... if the southern lights (aurora australis) are out, i am home!!!! In fact when i bought my house it HAD to have a clear line of sight south for this reason. Home is where the heart is and my heart is deep within middle earth, guarded by sheep, jandals, volcanoes, fault lines, birds and whatever else comes to mind when thinking of New Zealand. 

Photographer: Kelly-anne Gladwin

EditNewborn brushes and a clean edit with slider adjust to balance the sunset.

Photo Challenge: Home

This is HOME. Trucks on tables. The little hands that push them. Brave firefighters raising their ladders to save the animals in the trees. High-pitched toddler-made siren noises and then the call of action. There's nothing quite like eye level examination of the fire scene and the working parts of the truck. Best of all, this NEVER gets old. This is home. This is life. And one day, I'll miss the trucks and the little hands that push them. But for now, I'll cherish every minute.

Photographer: Allie Marie

Edit: Clean and Creative. Perfect Portrait Brushes. CC always welcome.



Photo Challenge: Home

Home is wherever these three are.

Photographer: Jordan Reddick

Edit: Color fade -1 (Color Luxe) Add Drama 1 (Sugar and Spice)

Photo Challenge: Home

Scotts Bluff National Monument (located near Gering, NE) reminds me of home. It's a landmark that you always see when you're driving down from the Wild Cat Hills or driving in on Highway 92. You can see it from miles away so as soon as its on the horizon....I'm home.  

Photographer: Lindsey Keller

Edit: Clean & Creative Workflow: Quick Clean, Center Light, Add Color, Tones Warm, Shapen Still Life. Grad Adjustment Brush: Depth & Drama on foreground & Colorful Background on sky.

Photo Challenge: Home

I live just up the hill from a beautiful valley in Washington and by far my favorite place to drive is past this red barn. I was driving home one day and commented to my children about the pretty light and my oldest daughter told me "pull over and take a picture mom!" So I did  Thanks to her convincing me to stop, I was able to capture what has become one of my favorite photos.

Photographer: Sarah Erickson

Edit: Boho Chic II, sunlight graduated filter, and lots of hand edits. Also, had to replace the sky since cropping my panorama cut off the top of the barn. Used one of the skies from Pretty Actions

Photo Challenge: Home

When I see this photo, I think of HOME. I love my small town Texas home. For years I lived in a big city too far from Texas and we finally got to move back 3 years ago. It was a sigh of relief. These windmills are a landmark in our county and I stopped by the side of the road one evening to capture them. 

Photographer: Ivy Reyes

Edit: Edited with Aquarius V7 with a few minor adjustments.

Photo Challenge: Home

"For this world is not our permanent HOME; we are looking forward to a HOME yet to come." Hebrews 13:14, NLT

As I look at the white hair of my father-in-law in this picture and watch him go through health challenges and simply grow older it reminds me of our relatively short journey through this world and that our REAL HOME is in heaven with God. Also, my in-laws' farm is our HOME away from HOME here on earth because they would not be able to keep it running without the help of my hubby and his brothers.

Photographer: Jenny Schmitz

Edit: Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow

Photo Challenge: Home

I am from the midwest. I now live in Jacksonville, FL so don't see much countryside in the city. I do miss cows, fields, corn growing for miles. I was driving to visit my grandbaby this morning and the sun was rising through the fog, and I came across these cows and had to stop and take their picture. It took me home in my heart. Edited with Milk & Honey, hand edits and a graduated filter.

Photographer: Robyn Moore

Edit: Edited with Milk & Honey, hand edits and a graduated filter.

Photo Challenge: Home

I had a hard time deciding which photo to submit for this challenge, then decided to keep it simple. This is what signifies "home" to me. Sunday mornings are made for sleeping in and lounging in bed. All three kids love to visit us and cuddle when they wake up. I know the day will come soon when they're too old for this, so I'm soaking it up now! I treasure these moments. 

Photographer: Kelly Lombardi

Edit: Edited with All in One Clean Edit, then turned into black and white; increased contrast

Photo Challenge: Home

My family just moved cross-country from Michigan to Utah. This is the last photo I took in our old house. My 6-year old and his stuffed cat are saying goodbye one last time. I tear up when I think of all the good memories from that home. Goodbye home.

Photographer: Kimberly Fournier

Edit: Black Thorn, lower highlights a tad, and enable profile correction.


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