Photography Challenge - Green


We thought we'd try a new twist on our photo challenge this week and pick just one color to focus in on! If you're like me, just the thought of green plants sounds so exciting right now (it's been a long and cold winter).  Thank you for submitting your photos this week. We loved seeing all your beautiful edits in Lightroom and seeing how you use Pretty Presets to edit. We look forward to our next photo challenge in just a couple of weeks!  Hope you'll come back and join us then. :)

Below are our 2 winners and 7 honorable mentions that we fell in love with.  If you were one of the Photographers featured, please be sure to grab a button, showcasing that you were featured on our website or group page. Thank you for sharing your talent with us today.  Enjoy browsing through these beautiful images.  For our two winners, please email us at  Thank you for making this photo challenge so much fun.  You can use the code #prettyphotochallenge to narrow down the results. 

The WINNERS From Our Photo Challenge 

Photography Challenge - Green

I use photography to pay for my "mission habit." We work in the Central African Republic where there is a lot of rust colored earth, poverty and conflict. The most beautiful thing in the country are the people. Each trip I try to take family photos for one of my Central African friends. Cyriaque brought his family for the shoot in these lovely matching green outfits. Photographing Central Africans can be difficult. It's not something that they grow up with and often the kids (and even adults) are a bit scared of me and my camera. Thankfully I was able to get lovely smiles to go with their awesome green outfits! 

Photographer: Brenda Artrip

EditAll in One Clean Edit.

Photography Challenge - GreenWent back to last summers sunflowers. 

Photographer: Sheila Meyer

Edit: Edited with Bubble Tea, a soft vignette and a slight boost in clarity



Photography Challenge - Green

It was a beautiful morning after the rain.

Photographer: Consuelo Wagemann

Edit: Center Light, Contrast and hand edits.

Photography Challenge - Green

I love photographing plants and nature, so naturally I went for the weeds or pre-emergents my landscaper husband calls them. I am 8 months pregnant and looked awfully funny rolling around with my 35mm like a beached whale while trying to get the sun just right!

Photographer: April Wheeless

Edit: Marigold + Fairy Dust Bokeh

Photography Challenge - Green

The only green I will be seeing for awhile! There is so much snow this winter and Spring still feels so far away. 

Photographer: Danielle Gundlach

Edit: Freesia

Photography Challenge - Green

Beautiful Mr. Peacock
Peacock for peacock with slider adj.
Brushes from enchanted garden, add colour and add darkness as a garduated filter

Photographer: Kelly-Anne Gladwin

Edit: Peacock with slider adjustments. Brushes from enchanted garden, add color and add darkness as a graduated filter

Photography Challenge - Green

My little model that goes everywhere with me when I'm shooting landscape.

Photographer: Lindsey Keller

Edit: All in One: Freesia and brush adjustments with exposure and contrast.

Photography Challenge - Green

Photographer: Vicki Beatty

Edit: Spice It Up (Landscape Presets)

Photography Challenge - Green

Holding tight... until spring comes!

Photographer: Edina Merkel

Edit: Edited with Magnolia



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