Animal Photo Challenge


Thank you so much for sharing all your sweet pictures of your loving animals. We had such a hard time picking images again this week.  So many sweet animals, images and stories to go along with them.  Thank you for joining our photo challenge.  We hope you enjoy the images below and will come back next time to join our fun challenge!

Below are our 2 winners and 8 honorable mentions that we fell in love with.  If you were one of the Photographers featured, please be sure to grab a button, showcasing that you were featured on our website or group page. Thank you for sharing your talent with us today.  

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The WINNERS From Our Photo Challenge 

Pet Photo Challenge

This is my niece Miriam and her best bud Lily the pug. Lily has always been the sweetest most patient pup, we knew Lil would be a great big sister and we were right!

Photographer: Jennifer Halla

EditI used quick clean, soft center light, reduce reds, and hazy matte. Also hand edits.

Pet Photo Challenge

This is an all time favorite photo of my "first baby" Geoff and my oldest son Kolby (almost 2 1/2). Geoff was licking the snow off of Kolby's beanie and Kolby looked up, right in time for a big wet one! I just adore how much Geoff loves his "little people" and how much Kolby loves his "big neighs".

Photographer: Samantha Kearns

Edit: Pretty Presets B&W workflow, Creamy center light, and some hand edits.



Animal Photo Challenge

Bought a bubble machine to use with my kids during photo shoots. I think Miss Zoey loved it as much as they will. $9 well spent!!
Edited with bubble tea of course

Photographer: Brandi Connor

Edit: Bubble Tea from the Pretty Film Pastels

Animal Photo Challenge

Breakfast is better when you share it with your best friend.

Photographer: Vicky Stover

Edit: I edited this using the Pretty Presets Workflow and also clarity and add light portrait brushes. I LOVE the Pretty Presets Workflow. I use these edits on most of my images.

Pet Photo Challenge

This is my dog Why, he is pretty much the reason I am a photographer. He is such a patient guy, especially when I was just starting to learn how to really use my camera. Why is 15 years old now and still my best model! 

Photographer: Jessica Barlow

Edit: Serendipity from the Film Bohemian collection

Animal Photo Challenge

Photographer: Jay Magleo P

Edit: Rhapsody + Warm Sunglow (Pretty Actions)

Animal Photo Challenge

This is my baby girl, Peaches. She's awesome cause she's like a dog, lol. She meows at the door when she wants to go outside to go potty. And she's super fluffy, cuddley, and playful! Perfect cat! Who is about to have kittens any day now (I think).

Photographer: Jes Hartzell

Edit: Rhapsody 

Animal Photo Challenge

This is my boy with his two siblings. We have been together since the day he was born, and I love him to pieces! He is my therapist, my best friend, my safe haven. He gives me hope, peace in my heart and he stills the storms in my mind. He gives me more than i can ever give back, and I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He keeps me sane, and a bit insane.

Photographer: Tina Brikland

Edit: Edited with my favorite Milk and honey, with some tweaks and some hand edits.

Animal Photo Challenge

Princess Pilgrim Penny Poo.

Photographer: Kelly-anne Gladwin

Edit: "Add grain 4" from Fine Art Film and "Vintage warm" from Clean and Creative

Animal Photo Challenge

I really love this guy. He doesn't belong to me, but I go visit him often. He loves to pose for me.

Photographer: Shawn Bailey

Edit: Edited with Tutti Frutti


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