How to Update Your Lightroom Program

Recently a participant in my Lightroom workshop (at Pretty Forum) mentioned how her Lightroom CC did not look exactly like mine, that it was missing some tools or abilities that were showing on mine. Thankfully she figured out that her Lightroom wasn't updated, and she had to do some searching to find out how to update.

This made me realize that there may be many others who don't realize their Lightroom program may not be showing the new "bells and whistles" that they add to Lightroom now and then.

To see if your Lightroom needs updating, go to the Help tab in the top menu, then down to Updates.

How to Update Adobe Lightroom

Once you click on Updates, if you have Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud), then the Adobe CC will open up. Click on "Apps" to see if you have an update needing to be done (shown in the screen shot below).

Keep your Lightroom CC current by checking for updates


A few times I received notices that my Lightroom has a new update, but then other times I either missed the notification or it didn't pop up because there was an update that I did not know occurred until I checked for updates. This may be the case for many others, which is why this post was written.

** The feature image was a one-click edit with Serendipity from the Film Bohemian collection.