Can't Live Without - Photography Challenge Winners Announced


Whether your Can't Live Without item was your family, coffee, nature or your beloved pet, we enjoyed getting to know you a little bit better and seeing what you hold close to your heart.

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Can't Live Without - Photography Challenge Winners Announced

There is just something about your last baby. All of your children are so very special and hold a unique and personal spot in your heart, but I have noticed with my last child I savor more. I don't know if it is because with the others I guessed there would be more to come or what...but I know this is it now. So I love seeing the world through my son's eyes, and exploring places holding his tiny hand. The innocent nature in which he digests the world never gets old. I love him and couldn't imagine life without him.


PRESET: Serenity 

Can't Live Without - Photography Challenge Winners Announced

I can't live without the Faith my mother taught me and instilled in me as well as my brothers and sisters. I love you mom.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Carol Ashdown 
PRESET: Editied with Black Thorn and adjusted highlights along with recover white clippings and Sharpening brush



Can't Live Without - Photography Challenge Winners Announced

I cannot live without these 2 goof balls. My husband and daughter. They fill my day with so much love, joy, adventure and just the right amount of sass (from the little one.. Well... Maybe the big one too). This girl puts the myth of what a little girl should act to bed. Who says water gun fights in your house won't break out with a little girl around?! Growing our family was not an easy journey. Struggling through infertility and pregnancy loss. Now that I am finally expecting baby #2 (a boy!) I am cherishing these final few months with our sweet girl being an only child. A chapter in our lives I'm a bit sad to see go. But, I know the next chapter will be just as sweet!
My husband and I have been together since I was 16 (to do the old lady math, 13 years together!) he's my rock and without his support, I would've never become a photographer!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ashley Hauer Porter 

PRESET: Edited with freesia. Hand edits and some typical exposure, saturation, etc adjustments. 

Can't Live Without - Photography Challenge Winners Announced

These three make my world go round. I simply cannot live without them. They make my happy days even happier and my hard days sweet again.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Christina Smith

PRESET: A quick clean, and cool center light.

Can't Live Without - Photography Challenge Winners Announced

I can't live without laughter! And nobody makes me laugh more than my children. Their goofy antics never seem to end, and I love being able to capture silly moments like this one to look back on. Having small children can be chaos, but their joy in everyday moments is inspiring.


PRESET: Edited with clean and creative advanced workflow, quick clean, contrast, sharpening females/babies, cherries, light and haze.  Also hand adjustments, and enable profile corrections.

Can't Live Without - Photography Challenge Winners Announced

I can't live without my morning quiet time! It's the time that I start a new page. The day is blank and free from yesterdays failures. The pages of today are waiting to be written. Whatever was on yesterday's page is in the failures, my shortcomings, my bad parenting, my hurts, my doubts, but is a new day full of HIS grace. "HIs mercies are new every morning" Lamentations 3:22-23. Today I can cry out to the one that guides all I do. Today I can pray for opportunites to be his hands and feet. Today it is just me and him in the quiet of the morning ...where he is faithful to meet me each day. This photo represents my loves... Jesus, writing, & coffee...none of which I can live without!


PRESET: edited with Aquarius and hand edits


Can't Live Without - Photography Challenge Winners Announced

15 months ago my husband left and I was 18 weeks pregnant with my second baby. This girl kept me going, and I can't live without her or her brother!!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Andriesse Escobar

PRESET: Black Thorn turned color, Color pop blue and green, Skin smooth, Eye sharpen, Reduced whites


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