Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winners


For the past two weeks we've loved seeing your beautiful Christmas tree pictures! As always, it's never easy to pick just a few. Thank you for sharing with us. We're so grateful you took the time to not only share your images, but the stories behind them also.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Below are eight images we fell in love with.  If you were one of the images featured, please be sure to grab a button, showcasing that you were featured on our website or group page. Thank you for sharing your talent with us today.  Enjoy browsing through these images.  Jamie Burrow, please email us at, to claim your gift card to Pretty Presets, Pretty Actions or Photo Barn.  Thank you for making this photo challenge so much fun.  

The WINNER From Our Photo Challenge 

Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winners

Finally got around to doing our Christmas card picture today! So glad I have a husband that puts up with my crazy ideas. ;)

Photographer: Jamie Burrow

Edit: Flamingo and used the Color Luxe orange brush to the background.


Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winners

When we returned home after a family gathering for Christmas Eve last year, I said to my husband "I think I'm pregnant". He asked if I wanted to check that night. I said that I would wait until the morning, since you're suppose to test first thing in the morning.

I was wide awake by 6am, but my husband was *peacefully* snoring ;). I ended up falling back asleep and we both woke up around 8am.

Being used to seeing a negative result on the pregnancy test, I thought we'd see the same thing again, so I was very nonchalant about it. I took the test and left the bathroom to go make the bed and start getting ready for the day. My husband was so eager to find out and asked right away what it said. I told him I'd go check it in a few (what always felt like forever) minutes.

I couldn't believe what I saw when I returned to the bathroom. All I said was "BABE!" and he knew right away! I wanted to do another test just to be sure, but we didn't have any more. So I asked if he could go to the store and get some. He wasn't sure if anywhere would be open since it was Christmas morning. I told him that a drug store somewhere had to be open! Right before he left, I said be sure to apologize to the cashier and wish them a happy holiday.

Sure enough, two positive tests. There was no way in the world, that we would be able to keep ourselves composed for the day around family without telling them, so we got our announcement ready (a photo we had staged and taken about a year prior) and printed them for our family to open together later that day.

This year, our little Christmas surprise is here to enjoy the holidays with us and I can't wait to celebrate with him. He won't remember this Christmas, but we certainly will! We made ornaments like this one for our family members as one of their gifts for this year.

Winter Light + Center Light + Add Clarity brush over handprint

Photographer: Ashley Deafenbaugh

EditWinter Light + Center Light + Add Clarity brush over handprint

Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winners

Image is of my daughter and her father. Every year they go to the tree farm and cut a tree. What I should really say is he cuts a tree and she watches. This year I went with them and captured her personality perfectly with this image that I edited with Tutti Fruity

Photographer: Tracy Hayes

Edit: Tutti Fruity

Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winners

One of my fondest memories growing up is laying absolutely under the Christmas tree and looking up into it.......squinting my eyes a little and creating my own bokeh effect. And then taking a deep breath in and smelling the sweet smell of forest!

Another favorite is of my Dad and his contagious love of the train at Christmas time. He and his trains always made Christmas magical. This year he gave me a Trolley Train to put under my tree. I am so in love.

Photographer: Cariane Weston Bowles

Edit: Edited with Beach Glass, Fairy Dust Bokeh and the Pretty Christmas Overlay.

Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winners

Too cold for outdoor tree photos, so we headed to the greenhouse!

Photographer: Jessica Grant

Edit: Winter Light / Haze Horizontal: Golden glow / Hand edits and portrait brushes

Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winners

My granddaughters always but their Nativity book under the tree every year

Photographer: Tammy Rhodes

Edit: Quick clean center light and some hand edits

Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winners

I was staging my own picture of a lovely Peace on Earth ornament and my son snuck this little guy right in my path.

Photographer: Summer Bryant

Edit: Julep

Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winners

Photographer: Kelly Lanier Symanski

Edit: A Quick Clean and exposure adjustment  

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