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4 Free Christmas Cards

It's that time of year already!  I can't get over how time has flown by.  Here are four Christmas cards for you.  You can use these for your personal use or if you want to send out a business greeting they will work great, too.  There are four fun options for you.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!  Thank you for being here. 

Free Christmas Cards from Pretty Presets

Do you have a Christmas card for your business yet?  If not, we would love to help you out.  Here are four different options for you.  You can use these for your business Christmas card or for personal Christmas card.  Simply update it with your text and family picture and you're set!

A few things to know... 

1. You will need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements!  

2. Don't have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?  I know a lovely and talented designer who will customize them for a small fee.  You can contact her here  Her name is Lisa and she is a very sweet lady! 

3. If you are new to Photoshop Elements, then check out this great tutorial on using clipping masks from Everyday Elements.  Amanda does an amazing job of helping explain how to put pictures in place!   We also have a video available here from another template giveaway.

4. This download is 85 MB.  I just wanted you to be aware as it may take two to three minutes instead of a few seconds like our presets. 

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