Best Family Photos - Photo Challenge Winners!

Best Family Photos

Best Family Photos

Pretty Presets Photo Challenge

We are so excited to share these beautiful family photos with you from our PRETTY photo community.  This was such a fun challenge and we loved hearing more about you and your client's families.  Thank you to everyone who submitted an image and congratulations to all the photographers featured below.  We are so grateful to be surrounded by so many talented photographers.

Stay tuned for our next photo challenge.  We will announce it in our Pretty Presets & Actions Community.

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We have listed our winner and fifteen honorable mentions below.  Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another photo challenge.  We can't wait to share it with you!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well for other opportunities to be featured.

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Winning Images from the Family Photo Challenge

Family Photo

"I love when families feel relaxed and like they are just spending time with each other rather than feeling like they are in a photo session.  These unposed sessions allow for so much natural connection and love to shine through the images. 

What a blessing it is to be able to watch a sunset together.  Every time I go through a gallery, there is always that one that reminds me of how lucky we are just to have our loved ones within arms reach.  Like a beautiful sunset that occurs daily, our families are easy to take for granted.  Isn't it amazing that something so MAGNIFICENT can be disguised as something so expected and routine?  Capturing the heart of the moment by encouraging a family to just enjoy each other's company while I photograph, is always my goal".

Winning images were taken by the talented Arlene Garcia using the Pretty Film Bohemian Collection.

Family photo on the beach

Best Family Time Images We Fell in Love with AND You Can be Inspired By!

Here are our other favorite family time photos we absolutely loved from the PRETTY community!  Enjoy these 15 photos as inspiration for your next family photo session.  All of these gorgeous photos featured on this page were edited in Lightroom and/or Photoshop using Pretty Presets & Actions.

Family Picture

Captured by the talented LJ Gore. Edited with Harvest Moon (turned to color) from the Sugar and Spice Collection.

Father and Daughter Family Photo

Captured by the talented Jana Gaston. Edited with Pretty Film Noir Collection.

Family picture with new baby

Captured by the talented Stephanie Woolery. Edited with Calypso from Pretty Film Bohemian.

Soft Focus Family Photo

Captured by the talented Jaime Comer. Edited with Bella Baby Complete Workflow.

Family Image of Mother with two sons in a field at sunset

Captured by the talented Zach Egolf. Edited with Pretty Film Bohemian Collection and the Luminous Collection.

Image of family walking on beach at sunset

Captured by the talented Kelly-anne Gladwin. Edited with the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.

Extended Family Photo

Captured by the talented Gayle Vehar. Edited with Harvest Moon from the Sugar and Spice Collection.

Family picture of Husband kissing womans forehead

Captured by the talented Sandy Glenn. Edited with Black Thorn from the Enchanted Garden Collection.

Family picture of husband and pregnant wife

Captured by the talented Laurin Crosby. Edited with the Bella Baby Complete Workflow collection.

Indoor family photo session

Captured by the talented Summer Bryant. Edited with the Perfect Portrait and Retouch and Makeup Brushes.

Family image of sisters sharing secrets

Captured by the talented LeAnne Coggin. Edited with Serendipity from the Pretty Film Bohemian Collection.

Family hugging for family picture

Captured by the talented Sue McCarley. Edited with Color Luxe Workflow Collection.

Family image of hands on top of each other

Captured by the talented Brenda Artrip. Edited with Carnival from Pretty Actions Pastels Dreams.

Family photo Mother and Daughter embrace

Captured by the talented Priscilla Bredenhann. Edited with Dune from the Pretty Film Bohemian Collection

Father and Mother holding arms of kids for family photo

Captured by the talented Karen Drylie. Edited with the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow

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Thank you all for joining us this week!  Be sure to come join our Pretty Presets & Actions Facebook Community.  We'd love to have you join us for our next photo challenge coming soon! 

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