Spring Photos: 20+ Beautiful Images

Beautiful Spring Photos

Best Spring Photos - Pretty Presets & Actions Photo Challenge

We are so excited to share these beautiful Spring photos with you from our PRETTY photo community.  Thank you to everyone who submitted an image and congratulations to all the photographers featured below.  We are so grateful to be surrounded by so many talented photographers.

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We have listed our winner and 20+ honorable mentions below.  Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another photo challenge.  We can't wait to share it with you!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well for other opportunities to be featured.

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Winning Image from the Spring Photo Challenge

Butterfly on spring flowers

"I love having Butterfly bushes!  This beautiful Western Tiger Swallowtail graced my bush, and I got to try out a new zoom lens I had just purchased.  I loved how there just happened to be a spot of light coming through the bushes to show off the butterfly's detail." - Sue McCarley

Photographer: Captured by the talented Sue McCarley.

Edit: All-in-One Clean Edit preset from the Fan Faves Limited Edition (retired). 

Spring Images We Fell in Love with AND You Can be Inspired By!

Here are our other favorite Spring photos we absolutely loved from the PRETTY community!  Enjoy these 20 photos as inspiration for your next Spring photo session.  All of these gorgeous photos featured on this page were edited in Lightroom using Pretty Presets for Lightroom and/or Pretty Actions for Photoshop.

Senior posing for spring photo session

Captured by the talented Carol Omenson. Edited with South Beach preset from Light and Airy Millennium.

Black and white Photo of young baseball player

Captured by the talented Ashleigh Gray. Edited with Blackthorn preset from the Enchanted Garden Collection.

Orange spring flower image

Captured by the talented Adanya Mattison.  Edited with Sugar Cookie preset from the Light and Airy Millennium Collection.

Spring photo of bright yellow bird

Captured by the talented Lisa Marie. Edited with Classic Clean preset from Bella Baby Complete Workflow.

photo of pregnant woman posing in spring blossoms

Captured by the talented Seeka Marie Crouse. Edited with the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow

Spring hummingbird drinking from hummingbird feeder

Captured by the talented Erin Ganley. Edited with Bomb Pop from the Pretty Presets Bomb Pop Collection.

Photo of girl picking Spring wildflowers

Captured by the talented Jamie Amos.  Edited with Twilight B&W preset from the Pretty Film Bohemian Collection.

Spring wedding photo

Captured by the talented Jaime Lynn Comer. Edited with Innocence preset from the Light and Airy Millennium Collection.  

Calf in the Spring

Captured by the talented Nicole Jonutz. Edited with Serendipity preset from the Pretty Film Bohemian Collection.

Maternity image posing in spring blossoms

Captured by the talented Toni Slack. Edited with Fresia preset from the retired Color Luxe Workflow Collection.

Dog posing in spring cherry blossoms

Captured by the talented Myranda Mondry. Edited with the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.

Senior photo session with spring dress

Captured by the talented April Manning. Edited with Base 5 Vivid Bright Color preset from the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.

Orange Butterfly in yellow spring flowers

Captured by the talented Tracy Mulholland-Miller. Edited with Classic Clean preset from the Bella Baby Newborn Collection and Sunrays (left) preset from the Illuminate Collection.

Spring photo of couple kissing in greenhouse

Captured by the talented Jasmine Meadows.  Edited with Aphrodite from Pretty Film Pastels.

Toddler posing in purple Spring flowers

Captured by the talented Debbie Maidment.  Edited with presets for the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow and the Bella Baby Newborn Collection.

Wedding photo taken in spring

Captured by the talented Kelly-anne Gladwin. Edited with the Aphrodite preset from Pretty Film Pastels.

Spring tulip image

Captured by the talented Mickaela Peterson. Edited with the Daffodil preset from Enchanted Garden Collection.

Girl posing behind fence and spring flowers

Captured by the talented Cindy Graham. Edited with the Bejeweled V2 preset from a retired collection. 

Senior photo in spring blossoms

Captured by the talented Justine Murray. Edited with A Quick Clean, Center Light, Contrast and the Chai preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

Photo of girl wrapped in American Flag

Captured by the talented Jaime Lynn Comer. Edited with Innocence preset from the Light and Airy Millennium Collection.

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