30+ Adorable Dog Photos

30+ Adorable Dog Photos

30+ Adorable Dog Photos

We are so excited to share these adorable dog photos with you.  You can't help but smile as you scroll through and see these sweet pups.  To everyone who shared this week, thank you so much and congratulations to all the photographers featured below.  If you are looking for some great tips for taking beautiful photos of your own pet, check out our great Pet Photography Tips tutorial here.

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We have listed our two winners and thirty honorable mentions below.  Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another fun photo challenge.  We can't wait to share it with you!

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Thank you for sharing your talent with us and making this dog photo challenge so much fun! 

Winning Image from the Dog Photo Challenge

Dog and bubbles photo

"My beautiful Mavis with real bubbles!"

Photographer: Courtney Hodge

Edited with: Clean Edit Portrait Workflow

Two boston terrier dogs tilting heads and posing for photo

"Two dogs are better than one. Half Boston Brothers."

Photographer: Lindsey Keller

Edited with: Calypso, Sharpening +2, Contrast -15 from the Pretty Film Bohemian Preset Collection

Adorable Dog Photos We Fell in Love with AND You Can be Inspired By!

Here are some more adorable dog photos we absolutely loved from the PRETTY community! Enjoy these 30+ photos as inspiration for your next dog or pet photo session.

All of these beautiful dog photos were edited in Lightroom using Pretty Presets for Lightroom and/or Pretty Actions for Photoshop.

Labrador Retreiver dog photo

Captured by the talented Chris Baker

Photo of young boy and dog on the back of a truck

Captured by the talented Nikki Williams

Golden Retriever with Bowtie Dog Photo

Captured by the talented Korry Talbott

Smiling Chinese Crested Dog Photo

Captured by the talented Tammie Milot

Photo of Labradoodle with bowtie sitting on a chair

Captured by the talented Jana Gaston

Photo of injured dog after surgery

Captured by the talented Charise Preston

Photo of girl sitting and hugging her large black dog

Captured by the talented Traci Turner

Photo of dachshund peeking out from under a blanket

Captured by the talented Tina Brikland Borsheim

Photo of two dogs touching noses

Captured by the talented Kelly-anne Gladwin

Photo of Girl and dog laying on ground and smiling

Captured by the talented April Ruesewald

Photo of Dalmation sitting on a green vintage chair

Captured by the talented Katie Stoltz

Black and white photo of Dog looking out window

Captured by the talented Michelle Ramey

Photo of two golden retrievers posing for photographer

Captured by the talented Lisa Kordes

Photo of dog sitting between owners during maternity photography session

Captured by the talented Amy Delmore-Drouillard

Phot of Woman holding chihuahua

Captured by the talented April Manning

Phot of dog laying on floor looking up at photographer

Captured by the talented Shelby Morgan

Photo of boy washing dog on a table outside

Captured by the talented Kathryn Johnson

Photo of a happy beagle looking at photographer

Captured by the talented Sandra Alarcon

Photo of dog shaking off water

Captured by the talented Carrie Petrin

Portrait photo of girl and labradoodle dog

Captured by the talented Staci Garner

Photo of sweet golden retriever looking right into camera

Captured by the talented Misti Dixon

Black and white photo of Boxer Dog looking through fence

Captured by the talented Shannon Urlacher

Photo of Dog looking directly at camera

Captured by the talented Katie Campbell

Photo of weimaraner posing for camera in front of yellow flowers

Captured by the talented Lori Hawrychuk

Photo of German Shepard Running Through Snow

Captured by the talented Erin Kulus

Photo of child and dog playing in snow

Captured by the talented Megan Marriah

Photo of boy playing with puppy and bubbles

Captured by the talented Dawn Sherwood

Black and white dog photo

Captured by the talented Katie Huber

Photo of dog sleeping near door

Captured by the talented Kelly Lombardi

Corgi photo head tilt

Captured by the talented Debbie Mckillip

Photo of small dog laying on pillows

Captured by the talented Cynthia Harris 

Photo of Golden Retriever puppy laying on a doll bed

Captured by the talented Katie Stoltz 

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