3 Reasons Your Clients Aren't Calling | Pretty Presets Marketing Tutorial 

Does your email box sit empty from prospective clients? Are you wondering why you have hundreds of fans on Facebook but no one calling? Do you ever get frustrated thinking this business seems to work for everyone but you?

I remember feeling this way many times while building my four successful businesses, and I get emails all the time of photographers wanting to know how and where to find new clients. But taking a hard look at your actual marketing activities can give you a clear vision of what is missing and what you can do to greatly increase your client base.

Here are the most common challenges that I have seen the many photography business owners I have worked with facing.

Challenge #1: Photographers without a marketing plan. They think that having a Facebook and Twitter are enough, and can’t understand why no one is calling them.

Solution: Create a marketing plan. When you are shooting great images and your customer service is top notch, the only missing link to having a successful business is having a lot of exposure. Smart business owners will plan their marketing out a year at a time. This gives them a game plan to run with, plus helps them create plenty of opportunities to be using every holiday and season to market. For example, you don’t want to be running a Back To School special two days before school starts, instead, start promoting it one month ahead so that you get every opportunity to build sales. Having a plan will help you do this.

Challenge #2: Photographers often only rely on one form of marketing. Having your eggs all in one basket is a recipe for frustration and not a smart way to build a business.

Solution: Spread the love. It isn’t smart to rely on only Facebook, or only your blog for your marketing. Sure they will bring you business, but to really build, you need to be doing at least 4 -5 forms of marketing all at the same time. This can be actively posting on your blog, pinning on Pinterest things that will draw your local audience back to you, working with local businesses, and having a fabulous referral program. When you have multiple streams of marketing going on and one is not as strong, another one can make up for it.

Challenge #3: Not enough activity. Photographers think they are marketing all the time because they are on Facebook and other social media sites all the time. But unless you are doing marketing activities on those sites, nothing is going to change. It can be creative avoidance or self sabotage, but it isn’t enough to change your business.

Solution: Hit the marketing gym. Let’s keep this simple. If you go jogging every day for 5 miles, your body will show strength and endurance. If you just sit on the couch for 5 hours everyday without exercising, your body will lose muscle and athletic strength. Your business is the same way. If you want new customers, you need to get off the couch and hit the marketing “gym”. Do more marketing to get more clients. Your business will bring back to you whatever you put into it.