4 Ways to Boost Your Photography Income (When You Can't Shoot)

4 Ways to Boost Your Photography Income (When You Can't Shoot)

4 Ways to Boost Your Photography Business (When You Can't Shoot)

Our world has been turned upside down recently.  We are each struggling to find a new normal.  However, we also know that these times will pass just like all the other difficult economic times that have passed before.

Here are some things you can do RIGHT NOW to maximize cash flow and make good use of your available time, so when things turn around you will be ready to go!

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1. Offer Creative Discounts to Past Clients

This is a good time to upload past galleries and allow clients access to purchase more images.  With more time on their hands, clients that purchased little in the past may want to take advantage of filling more frames or getting some of those images they forgot before.

It can also be a good idea to offer a creative coupon code that they can use for a percentage off a minimum order size that you set. Here are a few ideas:

  • For every $100 you spent, enjoy a bonus $25 Print Credit
  • 25% Off Albums This Week Only
  • 20 Bonus Holiday Cards With Your Family Session 
  • Buy a Fall Family Session, Enjoy 50% off a Mini-Session in 2020
  • Pay $100 for a $150 Gift Card
  • 25 Free Graduation Invites with your order in May

You might also consider offering a new product that you haven’t offered in the past.  For example, maybe you haven't previously offered albums because they can be a bit more time-consuming to prepare.  This might be the perfect time to offer them to some of your clients.

How to Earn Income from Photography When You Can't Shoot

2. Try Something New!

Since you can’t get close to your clients right now, it’s a good time to offer them something different to meet their current needs.

Consider offering an online photography course for kids that will help keep them occupied - or, maybe a phone photography course for parents.

You might want to consider a new creative offer for prints, digital files or a new approach to pricing.  Have you considered offering mini-sessions?  This can be a great way to earn new clients!

Use this time to create a business model and branding that will benefit your business in the long-term.  The decisions you are able to make now about your pricing, sales, promotional offers, and in-person sales can positively change the trajectory of your business FOR YEARS to come!

4 Ways to Boost Your Photography Income (When You Can't Shoot)

3. Strengthen Your Client Relationships

What people crave right now is POSITIVITY in a world of chaos!

Be THE VOICE that highlights the positive in a world of worry and anxiety.  This will give you the opportunity to maintain a social media presence and fill the world with happiness.  We will get through this and having positive client relationships will strengthen your business when things get back to normal.

Find ways to encourage your clients on social media by featuring their session and why you loved that session or your time with their family.  Make your clients feel loved, encouraged and strengthen that relationship with them.

Don't forget! You can always offer a referral program to your clients.  Let them know through a personal message or email that you're offering a special for any friends they refer to.  Giving both a $50 credit towards prints when they schedule their summer or fall session!  We all know that family sessions fill up fast. 

4 Ways to Boost Your Photography Income (When You Can't Shoot)

4. Share the Love

Look for ways to give love back to your community that is hurting.

You might consider sending a thank you card to community workers that are going the extra mile right now - a little encouragement goes a long way!

Maybe you can offer your business services to other local small businesses that could use a boost right now.

Or maybe you can surprise your clients with a print or two in the mail.  This would be an amazing way to boost morale during these difficult times.  It will certainly bring joy AND keep you in your client's minds when things get back to normal.

With social media today we can easily find ways to encourage others online!  Don't miss out on this opportunity to make them feel the love and support from you and your photography business.

Download this blog post as a guide here!

4 Ways to Boost Your Photography Income (When You Can't Shoot)


Our encouragement to you is to continue moving forward with your business this year.  Once things get back to normal, weddings, engagement, newborn, and family sessions will continue to happen throughout 2020.

Make sure to use this time to think outside the box and try some new offers to help you get through until life returns to a more predictable day-to-day schedule.

We're rooting for you here at Pretty Presets and Actions!

Do you have any questions or suggestions about Boosting your Photography Income?  Just leave us a comment below - we would LOVE to hear from you!  And PLEASE SHARE this post using the social sharing buttons (we really appreciate it)!

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