The busy season is upon us and we want to help you maximize your sales during this time!  Enjoy these 9 instant marketing promos for your photography business ($49 value). They include promotions that:

  • Grant Special Offers
  • Advertise Mini-Sessions
  • Reminder to Book Now!
  • Thank You Notes
  • Offer Discounts

We hope each will help you serve your existing in new clients in a new way.  We look forward to hearing how these encourage business for you this season.  Please write us at if you'd like to share with our PRETTY community!  Thanks for being here with us.  We're so grateful for you.  Enjoy and have fun with these promotions this season.

Give them a taste of your work!

Create a fun theme, keep a brief schedule and fill up the day!  It's fun to create a Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day promotion.  Keep it to 30 minutes and have them come your specific location.  Let them know what to expect.  For your set price, what will be included?  What will they have the option of purchasing later? Ask them if they'd like to be notified of future promotions through email or mail.  This is the perfect time to form a relationship and trust with your new client!

Going, Going, Gone!!

Sometimes clients forget how fast you book up.  It doesn't hurt to remind them that you can only take and edit so many sessions before you're full for the season. Don't hesitate to post, email or remind customers that you're booking up fast!  This is a great graphic to include in your emails, facebook posts or in a card to your clients.  You can always gently remind your customers through showing your calendar or adding in text of your available dates.  Be sure to also update the text when dates are taken, so they see just how quickly you truly are filling up.

My clients don't order for weeks, sometimes months!

If you've ever had clients that don't order right away, you'll quickly realize that they also become the clients who don't order much at all.  Encourage them to make their decision while they're still falling in love with the memories you've captured for them.  This is a fun promotion to try!  Be sure to include this awesome promotion with your package.  If this promotion doesn't fit your business, create your own.  Offer them a free 8x10 or $50 off their next session.  Have fun with it and make it fit your business model. Put yourself in their shoes, what would encourage you to make a decision?  

How Can I Build My Business?

These are two words we don't hear enough.  Remind your clients how grateful you are for them.  I think it makes the world a much smaller place when we show gratitude.  Make it personal.  Thanking them for the opportunity to capture their family or for some of the highlights of your time together. I don't know about you, but I personally love to go to the same people over and over again because of the way they've treated me.  When you've been treated well it's fun to return the business to that individual. 

We All Love A Good Deal

I bet you have some secret admirers just waiting for you to post this!  Everyone loves a good deal, a special offer or a fun discount.  Create something fun for your page and offer it to the next 5 people who book a session with you.  It's great to encourage your clients to pay at the time of booking to reserve their spot, too.  Start planning your next special offer today!

There's More Free Promotions?  

Well, we wanted to give you an opportunity to really personalize amazing offers your business!  So, included within this download are 4 incredible marketing promotions.  These can be customized to your business within Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  This will give you the unique opportunity to promote with your own images behind the overlays.  Enjoy and please come back and share with us.  You'll be directed to our private group on Facebook to enjoy.  Click on the "FILES" tab at the top of the group and enjoy these free promotions and countless others!



How to Use The Overlays in Lightroom?

The overlays included in this download are .png files and can be used in Lightroom in the Print Module.  Watch the video below to see how to add them to a photo in Lightroom. 


"Thank you so much for the free overlays! These are so wonderful and I am already using them to boost my business. This is a great tool and this is why I continue to use and purchase from Pretty Presets. Amazing as always." - Toni

"I've had this posted for and hour and have had 4 people contact me already...Actually, I've had a post on my business page for over a month about my mini-sessions and not one bite. Post the one I made tonight with your overlay and boom!" - Brenda

"With the new marketing promotion I offered a One Day Mini Fall Session each session lasting for 30 minutes at $99 each session and I was totally booked in 2 hours! My fee is usually 300 per two-hour session. Thanks for the AWESOME idea Pretty Presets!" - Kellie

"I can't begin to thank you enough for these. Today we found out that my daughter is finally cancer free, and I wanted to do something amazing to celebrate with my clients, who have been so understanding of postponed sessions and other inconveniences, but haven't had time to think. You just solved my problem AND made it easy for me to give back to my clients (we will be using the 20 percent off special)." - Carol