PRETTY: A Resource for the Growing Photographer


This is our very first issue!  As a special thank you for being a part of our community, you can enjoy it COMPLETELY FREE!  This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER and will be available in the store for purchase soon.  Don't wait, download it today!  

When the team at Pretty Presets started talking about putting together an amazing resource for other photographers, it was a simple decision. Then came the brainstorming of the content we would offer. We wanted to offer something that photographers at every level could relate to. We wanted to give them something with gorgeous images, articles that would help improve their photography skills as well as their business and we wanted to provide a source of inspiration. 

We are thrilled to share this incredible resource with you today! Our first volume of PRETTY has articles about how to package your products in a way that sets you apart from others; how to encourage your clients to take into consideration what they wear for their session; how to use back button focus; and so much more. Not only are there articles to read and be energized by, but we've also included a section focused on getting to know some of the talented photographers in our Facebook group. We have close to 200,000 members in our community, so there is an abundance of talent. Our incredible Pretty Presets Group is part of what inspired PRETTY to begin with. Newer photographers are hungry for information, and seasoned photographers sometimes hit a rut. This is where PRETTY comes in!

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PRETTY not only has written content that is amazing, but we asked some of the best photographers we know to let us feature their images to compliment articles and to inspire readers. Everyone will have the chance to have the first issue of PRETTY for FREE!! This first issue will be available as a digital download with instructions on how you can print your own copy. Who does that? Who gives away something that was worked on for hours and hours? We do!  Our hope is that each person that reads PRETTY will be encouraged and become a better photographer because of it.  We'd love if you'd share about this resource in any groups you're in.  We've also included links below to share it on social media.  Thank you!

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