5 Composition Tips (for Better Photos)

Photography Composition Tips

5 Composition Tips for Better Photos

Good composition can take an average photo and make it GREAT!  Today I am sharing 5 tips to take your photos to the next level!  The wonderful part of this is that each of these tips are simple to do and will quickly improve your photography skills.

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1. Use the Rule of Thirds

You’ll find this artistic rule applied to almost every area of the visual arts.  Basically, this rule of thirds principle requires you to imagine dividing your viewfinder into thirds both horizontally and vertically - making nine sections like a tic-tac-toe board.  Where the lines intersect are great places to place the focal point of your photo.

photography composition techniques

2. Change Your Perspective

Finding a different perspective can add lots of interest and variety to your photos.  Perspective refers to the angle from which you choose to photograph your subject.  Choosing to photograph from above helps your subject to appear smaller and more vulnerable.  Photographing from below your subject helps your subject to appear larger and more powerful than they are.  Shooting through something can also be a fun perspective that adds interest and variety to your photos.

image composition

3. Simplify Your Background

Removing unnecessary or distracting elements from the background helps to simplify the photo and really keep your subject the star of the photo.  And the best part is that you don’t need Lightroom or Photoshop to do this.  

Simple ways to remove distracting elements of your photo are to move in closer and naturally crop out distracting elements.  You can also use an open aperture to blur elements in the background and make them unrecognizable. And if all else fails, you can actually get up and remove any distracting objects or clutter from the background.  (I used blur to simplify the background - can you tell there were raspberry plants and and old wheelbarrow in the background?)

elements of composition in photography

4. Use Leading Lines and Frame Your Shot

Leading lines and frames can really help to draw the viewer’s eye right to the focal point of your photo.  Leading lines can also make your photo more dynamic and interesting.  And framing your subject with lines makes it really obvious where the viewer should look.

picture composition

5. Use Negative Space

I am a negative space junkie!  Negative space is simply leaving lots of space around your subject and keeping that negative space void of any distracting details or elements.  By keeping lots of negative space around your subject you keep the subject of the photo REALLY obvious.

photo composition

Bonus Tip: Breaking the Rules?

And because everyone loves a bonus, always remember that rules can be broken and sometimes it works!  There is no reason why you can’t try breaking these rules sometimes.  You just might come up with a wonderful photo that you love!

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