Adding Snow in Lightroom

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Thank you for joining our webinar. We're so glad you came! In this video you'll enjoy learning more about how you can save time in lightroom.  Plus, learn about the newest feature of adding snow in Lightroom 5-6 and the Creative Cloud.  We have another webinar coming up on Sunday.  You can click on the image below to reserve your spot. 

Winter Wonderland Collection 

Lightroom Presets Snow

Don't miss out on the Winter Wonderland Collection. This one-of-a-kind collection includes 32 Pretty Presets + 5 Brushes and can be used on any of your images taken in natural light.  You can use this collection in Lightroom Lightroom 5 and the Creative Cloud.  This collection can be used on both RAW and JPEG images. 

32 Presets:
  • 9 All-in-One Presets
  • 8 Horizontal Snow Presets
  • 8 Vertical Snow Presets
  • 3 Haze Presets
  • 2 Post Presets
  • 2 Reset Preset

5 Brushes:

  • 3 Snow Brushes
  • 2 Blur Blushes

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4. Winter Wonderland Collection

Reserve Your Spot for Next Sunday: Mastering The Brush and Graduated Filter (note this link now takes you to the video replay)  Enjoy!

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