5 Marketing Resources for Photographers + FREE Bonus Downloads

We put together our favorite posts from our site and others into one easy blog post for you.  Plus, we've included some fun downloads of templates, ebooks and lessons!  We hope this will encourage you as you work through marketing your photography business. 

1. Let's start here!  This is an awesome video + notes from Elizabeth Halford.  It's called "5 Things To Consider When Starting Your Photography Business".  This is the perfect place to begin before we get into other marketing aspects of the business. 

2. Create a marketing plan!  Read more from our blog post "3 Business Mistakes to Avoid".

3. Consider offering a Mini-Session!  We have a free 8x10 template for a mini-session here on the blog.  Looking for some inspiration for your mini-session?  Check out this awesome blog post with some tips here!

4. Part of marketing includes working with social media!  Download our free "Social Media School" ebook on the website.  It's free and full of great information on how to use all the different social media outlets to your advantage.  Over 10K downloads!

5. Consider checking out our recent series with Elizabeth Halford on building your photography business.  She covers things like pricing, branding, insurance, small business vs big business and so much more!  Bookmark the page as there is a lot of information you may want to come back to.


1. Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free

2. Free Pricing Sheet and Invoice Download for Photographers

3. Social Media Cheat Sheet - It will instantly download to your computer

5 Marketing Resources for Photographers + FREE Bonus Downloads