Do you ever wonder what you should post to your Facebook page to increase interaction and engagement? Are you looking for some great ideas to keep fresh content on your page? You are not alone. Finding fresh content for your Facebook fanpage can be difficult. 

Here are ten generic posts that you can make unique to your page and share:

  1. Do you prefer ___ or ___? You can customize this with your own blanks of any topic of your choosing.
  2. This or that? This, this or that? Give your readers options, such as what type of photography they prefer or something else unique to your page to start the conversation.
  3. The best photograph I ever took was ____. You can alter this and say the best photo shoot, the best photography tip you’ve ever gotten, etc.
  4. The worst photograph I ever took was ____. You can alter this and say the worst photo shoot, the worst photography tip you’ve ever gotten, etc.
  5. If I could snap my fingers and be any person in history, I’d be ___. Alternatively, you could say “if I could be any ____” anything such as famous photographer, artist, etc.
  6. By a show of likes, how many of you ______? Fill in the blank with something unique to your page or your niche.
  7. What did you think of the Superbowl/Grammy’s/other event?  Reference something that happened in current events. You will have to refer to current events for this one but it shows you are up to date on what’s happening.
  8. If I could go back in time to my previous self, I’d visit age ___. Encourage your readers to tell you the why. These are great conversation starters.
  9. Two things I cannot live without are ____ and ____. 
  10. You’re stranded on a desert island with only one item. Look to your left right now. The first object you see is that item. What is it? 

Click here to download this helpful PDF for your own reference!

10 Generic Posts to Generate Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Now that you have these ten idea to get you started, you can do your own brainstorming and also create different variations. This will ensure you always have something fun to share with your readers. You should also include posts about you, your business and specials to keep your fans up to date. 

Also, be sure to monitor what posts your fans respond the best to. This will help you with better engagement in the future! With these tips we hope you can keep your facebook fanpage growing. Have fun and let us know what works for you and your community!

Special thanks to Lisa from Social Media Satisfied for this blog post!