3 Tips for Using Pinterest to Boost Your Photography Business

We all know Facebook is a tool we can use to market our photography businesses. Most of us have business pages and are actively sharing our work there as a way to get noticed and get new clients. But did you know there are other social media tools that can be just as powerful, if not more powerful, than Facebook?

Pinterest is an amazing tool for marketing your photography business and it is FREE!

I have used Pinterest as a tool to build my business. When I research where most of my blog traffic comes from, it's Pinterest! By a LONG shot! 

3 tips for using pinterest to boost your photography business

3 Tips for Using Pinterest

1. Blog and Pin

After each of my photo sessions I write up a blog post showcasing some of my favorite images! My blog automatically puts a "Pin" it button on the top left of all of my photos! After I post the blog I will go back and pin each picture to my Photography Pinterest Board.  If your blog doesn't automatically add the "PIN" button to your images, you can install Pinterest's Pin Tool to do the same thing.

2. Choose Helpful Titles

Give your photo a title that will help people find your image. The wording you use to describe your image is very important. Whenever I am pinning one of my own images, I always think, "If I wanted someone to find this what would it be labeled?"  Including important keywords like photography, photo session, family photos, and your location will help others find your images.

    Using Pinterest to Market Your Photography Business

    Here you can see how I described this photo (this is one a friend took of my family) that was originally pinned from my blog. And you can see it has been pinned 1,831 times so far!! That's a ton of traffic to my blog and great exposure!!

    3. Take Advantage of Special Boards

    On Pinterest you can also create "secret boards" to share outfit ideas for sessions. I also have a Bride who created a "secret" board for me to be able to see her wedding dress before her bridal portraits.

    On Pinterest you can also create group boards where multiple people can add pins to a board. I have done this before for clients to be able to pin certain poses or looks that they like.

    Tips for using pinterest to build your photography business

    It is that simple! Make sure that you don't overlook the other types of social media when trying to boost your business online!

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     Jess Foreman Photography Austin Texas