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Don't have Lightroom? Start today!

Start Lightroom Today!

There has never been easier time to start Lightroom than this weekend!  Amazon is offering Lightroom 5 for only $104 (normally $150) and Adobe is offering a $9.99 a month option to try both Lightroom 5 and Photoshop.

Want to try Lightroom out before you buy?  Or maybe you've purchased it off of Amazon and are waiting for it in the mail?  You can download this free 30-day trial of Lightroom 5 here.  Once your Lightroom 5 shows up, you'll just have to enter in your activation code and you're set.  Nothing more to do since you've already installed it. All the presets or brushes you've purchased will stay.

Ready to begin?

1. We have lots of great general Lightroom tutorials.

2. New to Lightroom 5? Check out these great Lightroom 5 tutorials.

2. Check out our recorded Lightroom webinars here.

3. Looking for brushes that will help with skin, eyes, teeth and more?  

4. Looking for presets that are already created for you?  Check out our Best Seller Bundle.

5. Looking for presets that allow you to build your own custom look?  Check out the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow.


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