Webinar Replay: How to use Lightroom Brushes and Graduated Filters

We had such a great webinar today and wanted to share it with you.  Our Lightroom Instructor, Amanda Padgett, shared how you can use Lightroom brushes and graduated filters to their full potential in Lightroom.  

As Amanda mentioned in the webinar, we have great notes to help you. Click on the image below and notes will instantly download to your computer.  We think you'll find these super helpful as you watch the webinar and use the brushes and graduated filters.  Be sure to watch it through to the end as there are a lot of great questions that Amanda answers.  Thanks for being here and enjoy the webinar!

How to Use Lightroom Brushes and Graduated Filters | Lightroom Video Tutorial

The NEW Perfect Portrait Retouch and Makeup Brush Collection will make editing portraits easy and FUN!  The set includes the essential brushes which you can use for all types of images, plus brushes made especially for portraits.  You will be able to tackle correcting color cast corrections, teeth whitening, eyes enhancements, skin smoothing and toning and so much more. In addition, the set has tons of makeup brushes for eyes, skin, and lips. These will work on both raw and jpeg images in Lightroom 4-6 and of course Creative Cloud

*Special thanks to Susan from Lily Fields Photography for the use of her beautiful images during this webinar!

The Perfect Portrait Retouch & Makeup Brush Collection includes: 

  • 40 Brush Presets
  • Brush Presets work on RAW and JPEG images
  • Works in Lightroom versions 4-6 and Lightroom CC
  • Video tutorial on using the Perfect Portrait Retouch & Makeup Brush Collection

Included Brushes:

Workflow Brushes (7)

  • Add Clarity
  • Add Color
  • Add Darkness
  • Add Detail
  • Add Light
  • Add Warmth
  • Recover Clipping

Eye Brushes (10)

  • Eye Color Blue
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Eye Color Green
  • Eye Liner
  • Eye Mascara 
  • Eyes Blue Shadow
  • Eyes Rose/Brown Shadow
  • Eyes Catchlight
  • Eyes Sharpen
  • Eyes Whiten

Fix Color Casts (3)

  • Fix Casts Blue
  • Fix Casts Red
  • Fix Casts Yellow
  • Fix Casts Green

Hair and Lips (8)

  • Hair Add Highlight
  • Hair Add Contrast
  • Lips Add Dark Color
  • Lips Add Shine
  • Lips De-Shine
  • Lips Smooth
  • Lips Smooth and Warm
  • Lips Make Rosey

Skin and Teeth (11)

  • Skin UnderEye Circles
  • Skin Wrinkle Reducer
  • Skin Smooth
  • Skin Reduce Shine
  • Skin Add Blush
  • Skin Reduce Blush
  • Skin Tone and Even
  • Skin Temp Cool
  • Skin Temp Warm
  • Teeth Whiten Gray
  • Teeth Whiten Yellow

  How to Use Lightroom Brushes and Graduated Filters | Lightroom Video Tutorial