Where Do I Find The Best Deal For Digital Camera And Lenses?

Where to Find the Best Deal on Digital Camera's and Lenses | Pretty Presets Photography Tutorial

We were headed to Scottsdale and I was debating on whether or not to bring my camera, that felt like a 20-pound carry-on camera bag.  I decided last minute to go ahead and rent the Canon 5D Mark IV and 70-200mm lens from Camera Lens Rentals. I asked that the rental be sent to a UPS store (one of many) in Scottsdale. This allowed me to travel light and also gave me the opportunity to try out the new Canon 5D Mark IV, too. 

Well, I was sold!  I currently have the Canon 5K Mark III and have loved it.  But, the Canon 5K Mark IV really blew me away.  Here was one of my first images from the camera and 70-200mm lens. The image below was edited with one of our best selling preset collections, the Pretty Film: Pastels Collection.

Where Do I Find The Best Deal For Digital Camera And Lenses?

So, I came home and started looking for the best deal.  I looked on all the best sites and everyone offered the same exact price.  Then, I found Greentoe.  Greentoe, gives you the opportunity to find digital cameras, lenses, computers and more for a price you're comfortable with. You get to name the price you'd like to pay and they find a retailer that's willing to accept. If it's too low, the retailer will send you a counter offer. I submitted a a bid for $2999 instead of the $3500 retail price. And, in the end, I ended up at $3150, after a counter offer. Saving me $350 off of the retail price with just 2 minutes of my time. It's a win for the retailer and it's a win for the consumer!  If you're like me, I was raised being taught to save money, never paying retail.  Besides using sites like Rakuten, that gives you a percentage back on every purchase made online, I'll be using Greentoe for all my future electronic purchases.  I hope you enjoy it, too!

Just one more note: The link above to Camera Lens Rental is not an affiliate promotion. They went above and beyond and even called us to verify the transaction and wish us a great trip.  Not only were we grateful for their amazing customer service, but we appreciated the perfect condition of the equipment they sent.  

What's your favorite place to buy your new equipment?  How about your favorite lens rental company?  We'd love to hear!