Top Photos of 2019 - Photo Challenge Winners

Best Photos of 2019

30+ Top Photos of 2019 - Pretty Presets & Actions Photo Challenge

We are so excited to share these incredible photos with you from our Pretty Presets and Actions photo community.  It's always so hard to narrow it down. Below are our favorites from the shared images in the Pretty Presets community!  Thank you to everyone who submitted an image and congratulations to all the photographers featured below.  We're so grateful to be surrounded by so many talented and inspiring photographers.

We have listed our winners below followed by thirty honorable mentions.  Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another fun photo challenge.

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Thank you all for sharing your talent with us throughout 2019-2020 and making this photo challenge so much fun! 

Winning Images from the Best of 2019 Photo Challenge

Couple engagement photos

Captured by the talented Delia Talbot-Magic. Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Collection.

  Pregnant mother maternity photo

Captured by the talented Adrienne Tabor Rawlings. Edited with Wanderlust preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

Top 2019 Images We Fell in Love with AND You Can be Inspired By!

Here are our other favorite best of 2019 photos we absolutely loved from the PRETTY community! Enjoy these 30+ photos as inspiration for your next photo session.

All of these gorgeous photos featured on this page were edited in Lightroom using Pretty Presets for Lightroom and/or Pretty Actions for Photoshop.

Best photos of 2019 - Parents kissing child

"The look on this little girls face is just my favorite thing in the world."

Captured by the talented Natalie Fetter. Edited with Serendipity preset from Pretty Film Bohemian

best 2019 photo - two sweet girls smiling

"I have taken their pictures for a few years now. It is great watching your clients grow. "

Captured by the talented Amber Johnson-Kerrigan. Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Collection.

best 2019 photo - Kids in the fall

Captured by the talented Carrie Leanne. Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Collection.

top 2019 photo - Couples photoshoot

Captured by the talented Adrienne Rawlings. Edited with Serendipity preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

favorite photo 2019 - Adoption sign children

Captured by the talented Brooke Austin. Edited with Oystershell B&W preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

best photos 2019 - bride and groom laying down in fall leaves

Captured by the talented Valériane Deniger‎. Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Collection.

best photo 2019 - Beautiful young woman

"This is my beautiful, 22 year old daughter that is battling ovarian cancer. I took her out for a photoshoot to show her that she is stronger than the storm."

Captured by the talented Chris Wheeler. Edited with Nightengale preset from Pretty Film Pastels.

best 2019 photos - Family laughing smiling

Captured by the talented Jessica Frykman Korzen. Edited with Henna preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

best photos of 2019 - Bride and groom dancing

Captured by the talented Liberty Shaub.  Edited with Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.

favorite 2019 photo - girl sitting on fence

Captured by the talented Erin Calabria Roeker. Edited with All In Focus preset from Pretty Actions Pastel Dreams.

Top 2019 photo - Boy and goat

Captured by the talented Kelly-anne Gladwin. Edited with 1969 Vogue preset (retired).

top photos of 2019 - Family photoshoot

Captured by the talented Adrienne Tabor Rawlings. Edited with Wanderlust preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

favorite 2019 photo - Boy looking out window

"This picture will always remind me of the crazy snow and ice we had so far this year. An extra week off school and my son was sad it was too windy for him to go outside."

Captured by the talented Amber Johnson-Kerrigan. Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Collection.

best photos of 2019 - girl in glasses

"This one is special to me because she's my youngest of 3 daughters. She was super excited to start kindergarten the following week. Mommy, on the other hand, was a basketcase. She put on her play glasses and pretended to be working at her desk in school."

Captured by the talented Sarah Erickson. Edited with Black Thorn and Soft Matte preset from Enchanted Garden.

top 2019 photo - newborn photoshoot

Captured by the talented Jennifer Penny. Edited with Pink Lemonade preset from the Light & Airy Collection

2019 favorite photo - Sweet dog details

Captured by the talented Carissa Koeppen‎. Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Collection.

best photos of 2019 - Couple in the forest

Captured by the talented Delia Talbot-Magic‎. Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Collection.

best photo 2019 - Woman in fall leaves

Captured by the talented Natalia Villagran. Edited with South Beach preset from the Light & Airy Collection.

2019 top photos - beautiful snowy day and road

Captured by the talented Diane Booker. Edited with All In One preset (retired).

Best photos of 2019 - Husband and wife dancing in new home

"2019 was a year of transition for me as I packed up a home I loved, sold it, and moved to a new city to start building a new dream home. In looking through the year's images, I was shocked at how little use my camera had during the year and so it was a challenge to find two images that represented "the best" work of the year."

Captured by the talented Tina Auten. Edited with Safari preset from the Dark and Moody Collection.

Favorite photos 2019 - Beautiful woman

Captured by the talented Sasha Coleman Arnett. Edited with Shangri-La preset from the Dark and Moody Collection.

Top 2019 photos - Newborn baby outdoor

Captured by the talented Melissa Virkler. Edited with Powder Fresh preset from the Bella Baby Complete Workflow.

Favorite 2019 photos - Bride and Groom kissing

 "Prettiest wedding to date. Acorn Street in Boston."

Captured by the talented Nikki Konchak. Edited with Aphrodite preset from Pretty Film Pastels.

Best photos 2019 - sitting by the fire together

"My husband Garry and I love nature in all the seasons. One of our favorite winter pastimes is bonfires in the bush! This particular bonfire was in celebration of our 44 wedding anniversary."

Captured by the talented Leila Thompson Flavell. Edited with Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow (retired)

2019 favorite photos - Woman blowing confetti

Captured by the talented Brooke Austin. Edited with Serendipity preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

Best 2019 photos - Duck walking across bridge

"This is definitely one of my favorite shots from 2019 and by far received the most "likes" I've ever gotten right here in our Pretty Presets group! I've always loved ducks and couldn't help capturing this male mallard strutting his stuff across the bridge."

Captured by the talented Devin Browning. Edited with Calypso preset from Pretty Film Bohemian and Golden Glow preset from Luminous.

Top photos 2019 - Couple smiling in love

Captured by the talented Jessica Frykman Korzen. Edited with Henna preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

best photo 2019 - newborn baby in black and white

 "Sweet little nugget that came as an early Christmas present!"

Captured by the talented Chris Wheeler. This is Sweet Sunshine from the Bella Baby Newborn collection turned black and white.

2019 best photos - Promotional board

"Had to share.😍😏 picture on a billboard in happy and proud. Of course, edited with the best presets I know #prettypresets."

Captured by the talented Mar Loes. Edited with Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.

Best photo 2019 - Couple engagement photos

 Captured by the talented Josie Porter. Edited with Henna preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.


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